Mexican Chaat And Cheesy Deltazzz At This Shop Near Mount Carmel Is Legendary

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Generations of Mount Carmelites have been heading to RR’s Blue Mount {simply known as Uncle Raj’s} for the Mexican Chaat and the Deltazz. So should you!

A Study In Deliciousness

A hotly-visited spot on the famed Loafer’s Lane {the road opposite Mount Carmel College}, RR’s is run out of a shuttered shop. It’s more popularly known as Uncle Raj’s, the owner of the place who hated being called ‘Uncle’ in our heydey but seems to be more comfortable with the prefix now. The small shop, painted in navy blue, serves up delicious treats, many of which are unique to Uncle Raj’s.

On top of the list is their Mexican Chaat that’s made with baked beans and nachos. The mixture is then doused in a warm, tangy sauce and melting cheese. This is comfort food at its best and you can easily fill up on plates of this slurp-worthy dish.

The Humble Student’s Pizza

Another one of their out-of-the-box creations is the Deltazzz. It’s basically, the next best thing to pizza . And a student’s slim wallet can easily afford it. You get slices of sandwich bread toasted to a brown crispiness. On it sits a layer of gooey cheese that’s speckled with chilli flakes and a few veggies {there’a chicken version as well}. The crunch of the bread and the creaminess of the cheese sure does work its magic on you.

There’s plenty more to be had at Uncle Raj’s. You can try the chicken roll and sandwiches. And also the Desi Slider {burger buns slathered with pav bhaji masala and layered with cheese}. They also have bakery-style cakes that you may find a bit too old school after having tried the decadent desserts served up out there in the real world.