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Gladden Your Loved Ones With Personalised Gifts By Footprints Forever

    What Makes It Awesome

    Thinking of a unique wedding gift for a friend? Consider using their wedding card itself. Footprints Forever convert wedding cards into a cool wall clock or tray with matching coasters. They customize and deliver personalized gifts that are perfect for just anybody to make their special days memorable. This store keeps handmade trays, coasters and wall clocks with a range of fabulous acrylic prints as well. Their designs incorporate traditional emblems and they are all innovative, we loved the White Ganesha clock that had this wonderful red painting with jhumka beads as hours.

    We also loved the trays with bright Mughal motifs and peacock prints, minutely painted on the surface showcasing a riot of colours. Footprints Forever also does shadow boxes and tea boxes for giveaway gifting on personal or corporate events. So you can even get a customized shadow box for guests to drop messages in for a birthday or wedding party. There are a lot of custom-made options available apart from the standard items that can be ordered from the website. The gifts start from INR 650. You can visit their social media page and website for more info.