Upcoming Indian Artists Whose Work Will Make You Go Wow

Lina posted on 08 August

Mahua Art Gallery promotes emerging talent from India and, as part of that effort, organises HK Kejriwal Young Artist Awards every year to give a platform for young artists to display their art at a dedicated exhibition. Check out the fantastic work of these talented young artists chosen from across India, and  who hail from Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore and Mysore.

Suchendra P

Suchendra’s drawings and paintings are produced in the manner of satirical social commentaries, providing space for thought and debate. The viewer will notice his visual language combining sections of accentuated detailing with minimal backgrounds, creating surreal spaces. The artist’s works are layered with oblique references to the politics of land and ownership, and the historical imbalances engendered by peoples’ manipulation.

Sadhana Prasad

Coming from a background in illustration and design, Sadhana fills her work with impressions and experiences, translating dreams and visualising feelings in line and colour. Bold forms, bright hues and an eclectic mix of imagery are hallmarks of her expressive artworks. The forms are intuitive, and sit together harmoniously in the flattened picture plane despite the contrasting colours – a curving ladder here, a pair of eyes there, animals, birds, hills, trees and paths collectively creating a maze of meaning.

Sonal Varshneya

Sonal’s move from Agra to Lucknow marked a gradual change in her artistic vocabulary; the sacred met the secular, and she began to mythologise her personal life. The medium of etching, providing the possibility of varied textures, subtle tonal gradations, and sharp linear arrangements is most suited to her expression. Deeply prolific as a printmaker, she frames her protagonists within her etchings as contemporary beings, mostly feminine, experiencing the pains, desires, joys and doubts of life and waiting to unravel Shakti — that intrinsic power within each human being.

Bhartti Verma

Having grown up in the midst of an urbanised and continually expanding city like Delhi, Bhartti found herself drawn to built structures, their geometry and the spatial dimensions they occupy. Her drawings, paintings and installations explore the intrinsic relationship of interior and exterior, with walls, windows, doors, and other apertures framing and sometimes abruptly truncating the viewpoints. The largely monochromatic palettes are strategically touched with bright colour, the artist using the device as an atmospheric pause in the picture plane.  

The artists’ works are on display at Mahua Art Gallery till Thursday, August 18