Gift Your Loved One Indian Kitsch For Home(s) Away From Home!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Want quirky gifts for your loved ones visiting from abroad? Uru India will personalise, package and home deliver it to you. When we say quirky, we mean souvenir style gifts that will always remind them of home with symbols from our Indian experience like Horn OK Please, and cycle rickshaws. 

    Think kitschy home and desk decor, quaint pieces for the walls like lamps, candle holders and bejewelled lamps. They even have decorative serving trays and coasters for our various festivals and seasons. All their pieces reflect that colourful “Indian” vibe that we all love and export like their train station chai sets at INR 650 (including the glasses), and kitchenware with lorry-style artwork on it. Uru works with local artisans and Self Help Groups from across the country. Which means that each piece is crafted with the distinct style of the area it’s from. If you want something less kitschy, their sophisticated brass and metalware products offer something that’s unique yet functional. We love their jewellery organisers and bowls for keeping bobs and bits. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for gifting options, their cycles starting at INR 290 would make a great send home present for visiting friends and relatives.

    They’re open to personalising some of their products, especially for the festive season (and special events). If you have something in particular (and feasible) in mind, they ship across the country. Do let them know if you’re trying to “serenade” someone with the present, and they’ll add cute notes, include some flowers and love at the recipient’s door!

    What Could Be Better

    They’re slightly pricey for the typically Indian souvenir type pieces like the nesting dolls, wall hangings and such, but hey, if they're going to personalise it, we wont stop you!