Take Your Snacks & Turn Them Into Meals: Shop On LBB Special!

    Snacks are amazing. No two ways about that! BUT what if we could take our snacks and use them to make something that could blow anybody's snacks off? Sound good? Proceed to use these recipes then. They make use of the snacks you can buy on Shop On LBB!

    Bhakarwadi Chaat


    Available on LBB

    We're taking two things we love and making a delicious marriage out of it. The textures and flavours make this the best tea time dish or if you ask us, a party appetiser too! It is even easier to throw together if you get your hands on Graminway's Bhakarwadi, the rest is crunch-istory!

    1. Prep your veggies dicing them into small bite size pieces. Cucumber, tomatoes, and onions.

    2. Add this to a bowl and add cumin powder, chilli powder and loads of chaat masala. 

    3. Throw in some sev, fresh coriander and lemon juice.

    4.  Add salt and pepper and mix to combine 

    5.  Now add in the Graminway Bhakarwadi, give it a quick mix and serve immediately. Yum!

    Mushroom and Chicken Crackers

    Monsoon Harvest

    Available on LBB

    A snack out of a snack or a party appetiser, call it what you want because these spiced mushrooms and shredded chicken topped on crackers could be anything you want them to be while being super scrumptious! We are using one of our go-to snacks on Shop, the Monsoon Harvest Roasted Garlic Crackers.

    1. In a pan fry down some boneless chicken chunks with some oil, salt and pepper.

    2. Once cooked, shred the chicken using a fork. Set aside.

    3. In the same pan, add button mushrooms and chopped capsicum, add any seasoning of choice and salt and let this cook down.

    4. In a bowl, add the spiced veggie mixture, the chicken and good spoonfuls of cream cheese. Mix together to combine.

    5. Top each cracker with this delicious mixture and garnish with some cilantro.

    Makhana Chops

    Nutty Yogi

    Available on LBB

    Meat chops or cutlets are so yesterday! This puffed lotus seed chops are delicious, vegetarian, will be (we can vouch) a dinner favourite once you make them and most importantly won't disappoint the carnivore in you. Most versions use raw seeds, but we're using Nutty Yogi's ready-to-eat Makhana that does the job just as well!

    1. In a bowl, soften the Nutty Yogi Makhana with some water and oil. Do not make a very wet mixture.

    2. Add boiled potatoes or arbi (colocasia) and mash well.

    3. To this, add red chilli powder, green chillies, rock salt, ginger and mint. Mix well.

    4. Make flat round patties out of this.

    5. Shall fry them in ghee or any oil of choice (you can make this vegan too) and serve hot with some mint chutney.

    Crispy Baked Chicken

    One of our favourites on the list! This is a crispy chicken with a twist. Now we've all heard of potato chips used to crust our delicious bird, but this time we're using To Be Honest's, Sweet Potato Crunchies In Peri Peri flavour. Nom, nom. The result is a healthy, protein filled dish that also makes use of a healthy snack! And with just three ingredients this is one of the easiest dinners you'll make. To Be Honest also has a whole range of other vegetable crunchies that you can use if you don't like sweet potato. 

    1. Section your chicken breasts lengthwise and tenderise by gently beating them down with a rolling pin.

    2. Generously season them with salt and pepper. You can add some garam masala if you'd like and let marinate.

    3. In a flat dish beat a couple of eggs and set aside. And in another dish crush up To Be Honest Sweet Potato chips.

    4. Now dredge the chicken in the egg and then into the chips for it to form a delicious crust.

    5. Bake in the 150 degree Celsius pre-heated oven (or fry) for 15 minutes and serve hot with a side of mayo or house sauce. 

    Instant Amla Pickle

    Go Desi

    Available on LBB

    Thought we'll throw in a fun condiment after we found Amla Bites from Go Desi to help with those basic meals too. These amla bites are dried and supposed to be candies and have sugar which we think when jazzed up with some Indian pickling spices will blow your mind. All in all, a piquant, sweet and salty instant amla pickle recipe that is spoon-licking good!  

    1. Boil Go Desi Amla Bites with very little water and let it cook. Just till the amla softens ever so slightly and the water mixture turns almost syrupy.

    2. In a pan fry mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and add some asafoetida.

    3. To the same add chilli powder, turmeric powder, fennel seed powder and mix well. Add salt and some lemon juice too.

    4. Now add the Alma and syrup to this mixture and stir well. Let it marinate for about 15 minutes.

    5. Amla pickle is ready! You can refrigerate for it to last longer too. 

    Jam Filled Butter Cookies

    The Gourmet Jar

    Available on LBB

    The Gourmet Jar makes some delicious jams (diabetic friendly ones too!) so we decided to make ourselves some cookies for dessert. We're using the Raspberry and Strawberry Jam but you can pick any from their range. There's an interesting jamun jam too!

    1.In a bowl, cream together butter, sugar and eggs with an electric whisk or by hand. Add flour to this and combine to form a dough.

    2. Roll the dough into one inch balls and refrigerate.

    3. Preheat the oven to 190 degree Celsius.

    4. On a line baking sheet place the dough balls, two inches apart. Make a well using your finger in each ball and top it with The Gourmet Jar Raspberry and Strawberry Jam.

    5. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Serve with a glass of milk.

    Chocolate Protein Bar Mug Cake


    Available on LBB

    Health nuts, this dessert is for you. Although we know a mug cake doesn't sound healthy, this recipe that uses the Rite Bite Max Protein Choco Delight Bar is very much in the guilt-free dessert zone! You will crave this one!

    1. In a microwavable mug, add wheat flour, cocoa powder, salt and some baking powder.

    2. Substitute butter with olive oil and sugar with honey. Whisk this together to make a runny batter.

    3. Add chunks of Rite Bite Max Protein Choco Delight Bar and mix.

    4. Microwave for a minute.

    5. Serve hot topped with some fruit!