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Makeup Remover Or Toothpaste: Go Au Naturale With This Local Personal Care Brand

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Natural Deodarant - Uttejana

Natural Tooth Powder - Uttejana

What Makes It Awesome

Ask us if we're conscious of what we eat, and the answer will be yes, but ask if we're equally wary of what we use on our bodies? Um, meh. Guilty! But we think baby steps are great, so we're walking our way to Bengaluru-based personal care brand, Uttejana. No, we're not forcing a drastic change on ourselves or you, because Uttejana's kitty has all of four essentials that you already use. Just that they may not be all natural, vegan, colour, fragrance and chemical free or made with utmost love and care. 

The product we're most excited about is the Natural Makeup Remover. This one-step wonder cleanses, tones and conditions the skin for those lazy and tired nights. Whoopie! If you also want to feel minty fresh for hours, get the Natural Deodorant that mops up sweat while hydrating the skin. It has cocoa butter and coconut oil to take care of the former, and has kaolin clay and sandalwood powder to help fade discolouration. 

The other two products are a Facial Ubtan and Natural Toothpowder. We'll let you get onto the Uttejana website to read all about them. You will find every ingredient and it's benefits broken down there. Founder, Pramodini hand makes these products at home in small batches (ingredients are sourced from her own organic farm) also ensuring there's zero wastage. Best bit yet, is no-plastic packaging that is re recyclable. Happy Mother Earth and skin!


Love the affordability factor too. All products start at INR 140 (30gm) and stay under INR 500 (90/100gm). Uttejana offers worldwide shipping. Uttejana has recently added a bunch of all natural scrubs to their range (Dead Sea Salt, Coffee, Sugar), these not only promise to exfoliate but also nourish the skin. Men, for you awaits an argan oil enriched beard oil for easy tame grooming and healthy growth.