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Surfing Or Sunset Yoga: Align Your Chakras At Vaayu Ocean Adventures, Goa


This cool place will help you reconnect with nature through exciting sports like kite surfing, wake boarding, sailing and paddle boarding. Plus, an art gallery and café to make it better.

Nature Calling?

How much can you sit on a beach sipping Bloody Marys? OK, maybe don’t answer that. But the point is when you’ve had enough of that, or simply want to charge up your holiday in Goa, check in with Vaayu Ocean Adventures. A community-focussed resort, adventure sports hub and store in North Goa, you can learn how to get back in touch with nature, without missing out on fun. In fact, if you sign up for any session here, the foundation will be to channel the energy of nature into all the sports.

Water Wonderful World

We can’t wait to learn how to kite surf here, especially since Vaayu has International Kiteboarding Organisation-certified instructors to teach you how to ride the winds safely. Or like they say: You’re you from zero to hero! And when in Goa, might as well surf, right? Here’s where they’ll teach you to not be a washout, while also learning the power of the ocean. Of course, when we master these two, then we’ll take on wake boarding which involves some serious on board, in air, acrobatics. All that when being pulled by a speed boat! I can almost feel the wind in my hair, and ocean spray on me, right now. 

On Shore

If all this is too much for you, fear not! Yoga will rescue you. Sunset meditation, moonlight yoga, or perhaps even healing crystals to soothe your soul – there’s plenty to look forward to. Don’t make this a fleeting visit though. They have intriguing workshops, like the upcoming coffee art one, that will keep you engaged.

Unwind at the Prana Café which serves up fresh produce and fish. They even have locally sourced tea, veggies, fruits, bread and yummy cheese. Oh! And the accommodation is rather cool too! Choose from cottages {each one representing a different body chakra}, cabins that overlook either the beach or the river or the cabin suites. We love the last options for its Swiss Family Robinson-esqe look. Except that this one is made in traditional Tamil Nadu style. Want to go all rustic and beach bum? Pick the Coconut Hut, also in Tamil Nadu style. It doesn’t have an attached bath, but hey, you get free Wi-Fi!