Get The Best Of Channapatna Crafts At This Decor Store In Indiranagar

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What Makes It Awesome

In what could be described as a Channapatna craft wonderland, Varnam Craft Collective's store is a must-visit. Tucked away on Double Road, Indiranagar, the unassuming store does not have any large signboard screaming its name. However, when you do land up at the gate, you know you're at the right place -- some artwork, greens, and statues greet you. Walk into the store, and you'll be greeted with a myriad of designs and knick-knacks all screaming Channapatna. The first room is filled with a bit of everything -- from golu dolls to shirts for men and kids. The printed cotton shirts are quite a statement clothing -- they feature cute prints featuring designs inspired by the Channapatna toys in the store (thing cute piggies and elephants). 

You'll love how the store is done up -- from used crates to upcycled shelves, the store gives you some major design inspo as well.  A sizeable part of the store's Channapatna collection is now dedicated to kid's toys along with home decor and kitchen essentials. This is the second room and our favourite room. The collection of Channapatna toys, home decor and kitchen essentials are what we are obviously digging and adding to our shopping basket. Those cute fridge magnets, bottle openers and wine racks are what we are picking up. Also, swap your doorknobs for the charming wooden ones available here. With little animal motifs on them, from giraffes to mice, and of course, the goobe, these come in fun oranges, reds, greens and yellows. Plus they’ve got the more 3-D versions, with little birdies, bulls and piggy wall hooks too, perfect for the kiddo’s room.

There's an entire room dedicated to lighting and lamps. You'll find drop pendant-style ceiling lamps and the Goobe lamp we so love. Plus, lampshades and floor lamps. Get your lighting game sorted here. Keeping in the theme of promoting local artisans of Channapatna, the store's sizeable inventory includes of apparel (including sarees), inspired by the region.


If you stay outside Bangalore, you can shop from Varnam's online store from the comfort of your home.