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This Decor Store In Indiranagar Has Plenty Of Decor Hacks For You To Steal

Amrita posted on 22 August

Home decor and lifestyle store Varnam, has moved up on Double Road to a bigger and better location {an entire house, if you please} with a sizeable new inventory. But we are loving how the store has been done up as well. A sizeable part of the collection is now dedicated to kiddie toys along with home decor and kitchen essentials. A room in the store will be dedicated to pop-ups in the future. The current one is dedicated to all things Chettinad. Expect, Chettinad cottons {only at INR 950 each}, antique spice boxes, serveware from Karaikudi and colourful woven baskets. Varnam is also venturing into restoring antique furniture and giving it a Channapatna twist.

In Varnam’s new digs, recycle and restore is the mantra of the decor. We got founder Karthik Vaidyanathan {see image above} to break down for us how he put together the different design and decor elements in his store. Old windows, bed rests and throwaway crates… You will be surprised.

Crates Converted Into Storage Units

A large number of dealwood crates, usually used to pack in and send imported food and wine to the city has been recycled to make these funky storage units with interesting door knockers. At Varnam, these shelves stock the store’s inventory, plus other smaller knick knacks and toys.

Where: Can be sourced from Bamboo Bazaar, Shivajinagar

Price: INR 100 upwards

Old Windows Converted Into Shelves

Who would have thought that dusty, old windows could be turned into functional but really quirky shelves. Karthik, bought louvred windows sourced from The Qurio City, an antique shop on Kamraj Road and gave it just a coat of primer to get a natural, distressed look. Instead of putting a primer, and then layers of paint and only to chip it all away to create that distressed look, these windows were just left with a single coat of primer {which comes really cheap} and then fixed vertically and wooden planks were attached. Karthik also found beautiful Burmese Teakwood windows on a random trip to fabric land RC Puram and turned them into nifty hexagonal shelves.

Where: The Qurio City Shop, No 101, Kamaraj Road {louvred windows} and RC Puram {Burma teakwood windows}

Price: INR 3,000 upwards for windows, INR 100 {primer}

Contact: 080 41623438 {The Qurio City Shop}

Find The Qurio City Shop on Facebook here.

Bamboo Converted Into A Bangle Or A Hat Stand

At Varnam, long sticks of bamboo are suspended from the ceiling with a bolt and they hold Channapatna necklaces and bangles ,on little bamboo arms. Karthik thinks this can be easily replicated at home with the help of a carpenter and you can hang everything from decor to your essentials such as headbands, hats and jewellery.

#LBBTip: Karthik says, “Get a long, sturdy bamboo and hang it down with bolts from the ceiling, and use it to hang a bunch of different kinds of lights. Might make for a statement lighting in your home.”

Where: Can be bought from any wood or bamboo shop, or even Bamboo Bazaar.

Price: INR 200 upwards

Head And Foot Rest Of A Bed Converted Into A Bangle Stand

Who would have thought that the ornate, carved head or foot rest of your grandpa’s antique bed, could multitask as a beautiful bangle stand. Well Karthik polished it, keeping the original wood carving intact and fixed it to a wall vertically and added little fixtures to hold the bangles.

Where: Can be found at the series of antique store down Kamraj Road

Price: On request

Lab Test Tubes And Beakers Converted Into Home Decor

Need to perk up a particularly dull and boring corner of your home, then just get a couple of lab beakers and test tubes and fill them up with colourful beads or stones. At Varnam, a special nook in the store is dedicated to such an arrangement where the colour palette of the store by is showcased by filling these beakers with Channapatna beads. Add an interesting source of light, hammer in a couple of rudimentary planks as shelves and you are sorted.

Where: Vasa Scientific Co, Doro No 15, Avenue Road, opposite State Bank Of Mysore Head Office.

Price: INR 50 upwards

Contact: 080 22211371

Timings: 10.30am-7pm

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