Lunch In Style With These Designer Lunch Boxes from Vaya Life

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    Done with carrying those plastic boxes that doesn’t even help in keeping your food hot or super fresh? Check out Vaya for designer lunch boxes, tumbler bottles and casserole that are sure to get you all excited about food. Vaya Life offers an ingenious range of advanced lunch gear that will put an end to all your first-world lunch problems. If you’re a working professional, Vaya offers designer stainless steel lunch boxes from INR 3,500 to INR 4,000 that is sleek enough to fit into your bag and will also keep your lunch warm for up to five hours. For your kids who insist on not carrying a chunky lunch bags to school, Vaya offers eye-catching designs of unicorns, pandas, and dinosaurs as well as Disney characters. 

    Their BagMats are slender, classy bags for your lunch box that double up as a mat for when you eat. Vaya’s Drynk is a line of sleek stainless steel and BPA-free plastic bottles available in 350ml and 600ml sizes that come in gender-neutral colours for about INR 2,000. Their blender ball for INR 200 is a ball-like steel whisk that you drop into your tumbler and just shake in order to get a smooth and creamy blend of your powdered drinks like Horlicks or even protein powders. Check out their range of vacuum insulating casseroles that helps keep your food warm. It is easy to store and looks stylish too. Check out their website and check out their whole range of products made with love just for you.

      Available Online