These Cool Hostels Make Sure You Wake Up On A Happy And On Budget Wanderlust High


    Private room, shared dorms and common areas to meet new people – the hostels under the Vedanta Wake Up brand, will see to it that you’re eternally on wanderlust!

    Get A Room

    Or get a dorm. Either way, with Vedanta Wake Up, you’ll have a holiday you won’t to end. Focussed on South India at the moment, the concept is inspired by a backpacker’s hostel but these guys offer more than just a bed. All of the hostels have private room should you want to rough it out and have the fun of a backpacker but with a bit of luxury. Then there’s all-out shared dorm rooms for the solo traveller or for groups who still want to meet new people – you can’t have enough of fellow travellers, can you? Many a story to be heard and told.

    Due South

    With most number of hostels in Kerala, you can pick from the more usual ones in Kochi, Trivandrum or Thekaddy {which from the inside are really cool no matter how ‘normal’ the exterior}. But we’re more crazy about the super cool space near Gandhi Beach with Chinese Fishing nets for a view, in Fort Kochi. Or the Helipad North Cliff in Varkala, which like it’s name suggests, really is on the cliffs, overlooking the gorgeous Papanasam and Black beach. Closer home in Karnataka, check into hostels in Madikeri or Mysore, both competent, but not as picturesque or enticing a the Kerala properties. So, skip over to the other neighbour, Tamil Nadu, for some quirk living in Kodaikanal by the lake or by the beach in Auroville.

    Social Lounge

    We specifically love that all the hostels have one central common space where all guests can come and chill out. So when you get to meet all kinds of people – be it the rugged back packer, the nature enthusiast, the hard core party animal, or the free spirit who’ll change plans with every new day, you’ll want to extend your stay at each place, and only keep travelling! Aye, what a community it is! What we also love about the Vedanta Wake Up hostels is that they let you live like a local. And that’s what travelling is all about, right? So go on, check into Vedanta, and wake up!