Trekking To Veena Stores For An Early Breakfast Is Totally Worth It

    Malleswaram, Bangalore

    What Was Your Experience Like?

    This iconic, old-school South Indian breakfast joint is practically world famous for its soft, soft idlis, perfect Shavige Bhath and unlimited chutney. You’ve got to go here for spot on breakfast, to be topped off with traditional filter coffee!

    We loved everything on the menu! Khara Bhath, Bisi Bele Bhath, Idly, Vada, Coffee, Puliogre, Kesari Bhath (excuse us while we wipe the drool from our keyboard). We were more partial to the Shavige than the legendary melt-in-mouth idlis and crunchy vadas. The Shavige was just perfect with the crunch of peanuts, slivers of vegetables and, of course, their secret ingredient: a pinch of rock salt, which we thought was an interesting touch. FYI, do not miss their legendary, unlimited chutney.

    Go early, as early as 6.15 am. The earlier you land up here the better. Remember the early bird catches the worm… The same principle tends to apply here if you are to lay your paws on freshly-made idlis before anyone else. Gather a few enthu-cutlet friends and go. There’s less of a crowd and everything just tastes good at that time. It is also fun to people watch. You will see parents filling their kids’ tiffin box with idlis, mothers getting huge dabbas for breakfast treats, and seniors citizens waiting in line peacefully post morning walks.

    Price: INR 100 upwards

      Malleswaram, Bangalore