True To Itself & True To You: These CG-Friendly Haircare Products Are Non-Toxic!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Shiny, glowing, thick hair that will make the crowd stop and stare. No, this tv advertisement-like result is not what Bangalore-based, True Frog promises. Instead, the up and coming skin and hair care label focuses on supporting what is naturally given to you, by letting it shine in its truest form. True how? Well, we'll leave that to the brand mascot, True Frog to explain. 

    True, because True Frog believes in using only ethically derived ingredients, listing it all on every label (no misleading with tall claims and false promises). All its products are simple, non-toxic and free of all harmful chemicals. It's also true to the environment -- vegan and cruelty-free! Everything you will discover on their hair care and soon-to-launch skincare range is efficient, sensible and safe, formulated by a trio of Scientists and Cosmetic Technologists with over 15 years of experience. 

    Presently, True Frog has five hair care products -- Shampoo for Curls (enriched with chia seed extract to handle humidity, quinoa protein to restore hydration and other antioxidants to provide curl definition), Everyday Hair Conditioner (avocado butter & tender coconut water), Anti Hair Fall Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.

    What we enjoy most is that their hair care is all CG-friendly despite not being targeted at curly haired people. It's also free from fragrance allergens which means kids to adults and elderly people, across genders can freely use them. Another major tick mark is that these products are effective with hard water (need more of this). The descriptions on these scream honesty, exactly the kind of hair redemption we've been looking for.


    Like we mentioned, a True Skincare range is in the works, so stay tuned to this space. Prices range between INR 545 to INR 695.