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Effective, Minimalist & Vegan: Give 100% Waterless Green Beauty Rituals A Go!

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What Makes It Awesome

The first look of Sapphire Botanics makes us think of a luxurious skincare brand, something that boasts ingredients unknown and heavy price tags. Interestingly, we did some ploughing on LBB (the brand sells with us, yay!) and discovered it's actually quite the opposite. This cool beauty brand is humble in its packaging, ingredients, and prices but let this not confuse you for ineffectiveness. Sapphire takes pride in being fully plant-based and vegan, using high-quality ingredients (sourced from their origin) to create a line of minimalistic and most importantly multi-tasking - and do all of the above without harming the environment! If there's one beauty brand for you to invest in, in 2021, make it this.

Starting at prices as low as INR 499, Sapphire Botanics has all the essentials - Strip Avocado Cleansing Balm, Mud Detox Clay Max, Glow Night Repair Elixir, Dew Floral Rejuvenating Mist, Unage Age Defiance Day Elixir, Lust Camellia Moisturizing Créme, and a Pulp Mango Body Butter. Also, the texture of these products are ace, they are after all 100% waterless, and super potent. So a little goes a long way, here. The mist and elixirs are our favourites. You can also freely curate an effective beauty routine by clubbing together products - check websites for more details. To give you more motivation to make a purchase from here, note that Sapphire Botanics uses only reusable glass and certified compostable material for sustainable packaging.