Skincare, Beauty & Hair: Tested Cosmetics From This Brand Work Wonders For Your Body!

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St. Botanica

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What Makes It Awesome

Healthy skin and hair does not rely only on great genes, frans. There's a reason why wallowing in self care every once in a while comes highly recommended. Whilst we indulge, we also need to remember that the stars of every session are the products and brands we pick. St Botanica, with its range of premium cosmetics and supplements (allergy tested and proven safe to be used) certainly ranks up there, when it comes to spectacular results, be it for hair, skin or body.

This globally recognised brand has an Indian extension, and even better news is that they are selling on LBB! Now when it comes to beauty and skincare, multiple options are always welcome. Exactly, why shopping from St Botanica's "Ranges" section is such a joy. If pigmentation issues are your concern, they've got Vitamin C serums, face wash, eye and face masks, face creams and sunscreens too. Similarly, there are other ranges that incorporate, Hyaluronic Acid for deep hydration, Retinol for anti-aging or anti-acne and our favourite, the 24k Gold range that's going to leave you feeling like the gold that you are! The skin collection also features toners, mists and scrubs. 

Coming to hair, it's best to shop for a combination of Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Spray. For dry and fizz, opt for the biotin & collagen combo or if thinning is your problem, the volumising combo is for you. Feminine hygiene and supplements such as juices, vinegars and multivitamins are other products you can shop for from St Botanica's for overall wellness.


Despite being a luxury brand, St Botanica's prices stay well within the INR 3,000 mark. You'd also be glad to know that are a cruelty-free and vegan brand!