Get Ready For Via Milano 2.0 With A New Rooftop Address And Breakfast Options Too

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New And Improved

All the lovers of Italian food in the city felt a looming void in their bellies when Via Milano shut shop a few months ago. But here’s the good news. Via Milano is back and is up and running from a new address with a rooftop setting that too. Maintaining the Mediterranean decor and theme they’re popular for, the new version of the restaurant will also be serving breakfast, unlike the old format that just stuck to lunch and dinner. That’s right! Now going by the name Caffe Via Milano, the Italian restaurant will be serving five kinds of breakfast between 9am and 6pm. Choose from the usual English, American and Continental breakfast or opt for their Pork Breakfast which comes with several porky dishes. Looking to eat clean? They have a Healthy Breakfast option too that serves plenty of fruits and egg white omelettes. The new place is near the Sony World Signal on Koramangala’s 4th Block.

The rest of the menu will remain exactly the same and you know what that means, right? Time to tuck into plenty of Italian deliciousness from pasta and lasagna to pizzas too. Our favourites include the Farfalle al Salmone Affumicato {butterfly pasta in a smoked salmon sauce} and the Baked Beef Lasagna. Don’t forget to pair it all with a nice glass of wine that will also be served here. Head there soon to check it out.