Villa Helena In White Town Pondicherry Is Perfect To Relax And To Eat Some Good Squid

Villa Helena Heritage Guest House


Villa Helena is the perfect place in White Town for a relaxed, lazy lunch. And the setting is quirky without it being too much in your face.

Who Is It For?

Travellers looking to relax and have a good time and a meal.

What's The Ambience Like?

The ambience with shady trees, potted plants, quirky furniture and a planter turned into a fish pond, is at once relaxing and invigorating. This is one of those few places which wears its quirkiness proudly, without the kitsch turning into a caricature of itself.

Must Eat

Do not leave without trying their divine calamari. Fresh, succulent, butter-like squid without too much batter getting in the way.

How Was My Experience?

There are a fair number of tastefully built and decorated cafes, restaurants and bars in this part of town. La Maison Rose goes two steps further with a genuinely simple, but inventive menu and consistently great experiences.


There’s no parking at most places in White Town, so if you have a car, park where you can, and walk around. Also, do call ahead to see if the restaurant is open.

Villa Helena Heritage Guest House