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Bring Vintage Fashion Back Into Style With This Designer Boutique In Malleshwaram

    Malleswaram, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    This festive season, make heads turn and create a fashion statement with vintage fashion inspired clothes from Bhuvi Kilpady. Gone are the days when silk was restricted to just one particular community or just found in your grandma’s closet. With the amalgamation of cultures around us, Bhuvi Kilpady brings it out beautifully in the clothes she makes. It's a result of work put in by a team of professional tailors, embroidery specialists and artisans and the designer Bhuvi, herself. Started in 2002, Bhuvi Kilpady strives to keep the traditional designs and combinations alive with a modern twist.

    The outfits by Bhuvi Kilpady will remind you of the designs that our grandmas used to wear back in the day with so much panache, class, and simplicity. Each outfit made by her would make you look like a character out of a Ravi Verma painting. The Peplum tops and blouses made at this studio are our absolute favorites. Elegant, edgy and they make traditional outfits look super fashionable, straight off the runway. Plus, she also makes masks out of khadi cotton and matching masks for your occasion wear.

    One of the most sought after pieces made by Bhuvi Kilpady are her blouses. Each blouse is handmade with intricate embroidery of more than one technique, sure to make heads turn. From delicate traditional designs to edgy modern accents, her outfits have them all. Her line of western gowns and dresses for women and kids are also a delight. Get like mom, like daughter outfits made here and trend on the #TwinningWinning goals this wedding season. The prices for blouses start at INR 2,000, dresses and gowns at INR 8,000 upwards.


    If you are looking for a dress for your white wedding, Bhuvi Kilpady will be happy to create a dream dress for you.

      Malleswaram, Bangalore