#PayItForward: Places Where You Can Volunteer With Your Kids In Bangalore


    Kindness, charity and compassion can best be taught through practice and setting an example for kids. Children may listen to our words, but more importantly, they learn from observing our actions. So why not start with teaching them a thing or two about paying it forward. Here are a few places that you can volunteer with your kids so that they learn good values from watching you practice them.

    Brighten Up The Day For A Homeless Animal

    Precious Paws Foundation is a charitable trust for the welfare of homeless animals. You and your child can light up the lives of homeless animals living at the shelter by visiting them with biscuits and spend some time petting and loving them.

    You can donate rice, eggs, biscuits and basic medicines to the homeless animals living at the shelter. If you love animals but do not have the time or space to look after them, you can also passive adopt an animal by pledging to donate for their monthly meals. You can also like the Precious Paws facebook page to get an update on the various open days they organise. For instance Gift a Bone day on Thanksgiving where volunteers for the day got to walk, play and feed the shelter babies for a day

    Check them out here.

    Distribute Toys To Needy Kids

    The sparkle in the eyes of kids who can’t afford toys is absolutely priceless.  So pack up the toys your child has outgrown, the ones he doesn’t need and donate it through Toy Bank, a non-profit organisation that has been set up with the aim of providing toys to all children.

    You and your child can also be part of the volunteer program which includes segregating the collected toys, wrapping them {if needed} and distributing them to underprivileged kids.

    Find out more about them here.

    Clean Up the Streets of Bangalore

    Teach your child that they can make a change in their surroundings. If you live in an area where the streets are littered with dirt or if there are any street corners that are dirty in your area, you along with your child can carry your broom, dustpan and clean the street close to your home. If you wish to do this as a group you can connect with the group The Ugly Indian

    Find out more about The Ugly Indian here.

    Write Exams For Visually Impaired Student

    You can also sign up with your child to write exams for visually impaired students through Pen Pals, a NGO that endeavours to  bring together voluntary writers. Exam writing is open to anyone 13 years and older. Do like their facebook page to get updates about the various exams and writers needed across the city.

    Find out more about them here.

    Serve Food To Underprivileged Kids

    Akshaya Patra feeds midday meals to 1.6 million children every day across 11 states and 27 locations. You along with your child can visit the Akshaya Patra kitchens early morning to watch this food being cooked and then volunteer to serve them in the schools. At these schools besides serving the food, you and your family can also sponsor workshops or organise a few fun games.

    Find out more about them here.

    Visiting Old Age Homes and Orphanages

    Visiting old age homes and orphanages to celebrate festivals, birthdays or just generally to spread good cheer is also a great way to teach your kids compassion. Most of these places welcome visitors as long as they adhere to the timings and a few basic rules. Our options are Little Sisters of the Poor – Home for the AgedSt Patricks OrphanageThe Deepa Academy for the Differently AbledNirmala Shishu Bhavan, or Shalom Grace Children’s Home.

    Join VFC {Volunteer For A Cause}

    FC, encourages volunteers to participate in various volunteering activities by notifying about event details at the right time. They are also involved in creating opportunities for volunteers in various fields. You and your child can either like their facebook page or join their whatsapp group to get notified about the various volunteering opportunities close to you.

    Find out more about them here.