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Be A Ninja And Go On A VR Spaceship Ride At This Gaming Centre



    Play air hockey, drive an F1 car, get on a VR ride and basically be a super cool ninja at Iona – a gaming and adventure zone.

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    I’ll admit it! I love gaming centres and I adore anything to do with virtual reality. So you can only imagine my excitement when I chanced upon Iona, a gaming, entertainment and adventure centre. It’s the perfect playground for adults and kids alike. What I like most here is that they have such interesting games and rides, you’ll get your workout done without even realising it!

    Reality Check

    Air hockey, with all the sound effects of a serious ice hockey game, old-school super bike and car racing and even simulation cricket, got me and the gang off to a good start. But it only gets better, folks. Try the VR Whiplash ride, it is so fun. And scarily real! You’re plonked on a mechanical chair that’ll twist and turn any way it needs. You’re given VR goggles to make it all high-tech and then off you go on an uncannily really ride through space. Ooof, I can see why I am not a pilot or astronaut. This one’s a solo ride, but they even offer one for groups of five and you can pick the scenario you like.

    Game On

    Oh oh, and then take it in turns to sit in the F1 simulation ride and race across the actual calendar tracks – it’s the perfect opportunity to show off. It’s more fun if the girls kicks the boys’ butts at it – like our girl crew did! Booya! Keen on getting in some challenging fitness activities too, we bravely went to Clip ‘n’ Climb. What is that you ask? Well, if you’ve seen American Ninja Warriors, then it’s exactly that. You have to climb, jump, hang on boulders and basically finish an obstacle course as fast as you can. We finished, but let’s not even talk about timing, OK?

    For those who aren’t as dramatically adventurous yet, there’s a bowling alley for family fun, cricket lanes and even a special play area for kids. Plus, a café to refuel at and then jump right back into the action. We can’t wait for the adrenalin and fitness zone to start.


    There’s an astro turf futsal space too, so book in advance and unleash the Messi in you. It’s a great way to get in exercise.