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    Live On Cloud Nine At The Tree Houses At Vythiri Resorts, Wayanad

    Aakanksha posted on 02 October


    This luxury eco-friendly forest getaway, smack in the centre of Wayanad, is a dream. With tree houses, hanging bridges and no cell reception, it’s a fine escape from the madding crowd.

    Hidden Treasure

    About four hours away from Bangalore lies this luxury resort which is eco-friendly too. You’ll instantly fall in love with the charming and rustic way they’ve done up the place – think JRR Tolkien’s Shire-style. A wooden hanging bridge takes you from the common areas like the reception and restaurants on one side of the little river on the property to the other side for the spa and rooms.

    Ground Reality

    As you meander through the property, serenaded by cicadas and the chuckling stream, you’ll find rooms of all kinds. For luxury, pick the cottages with private pools and Jacuzzis. We do love the brick-laid cottages that are built on stilts, overlooking the river. With lounge chairs set out, you can fall asleep in the midst of nature. After you’ve pinched yourself and realised it’s not a dream, get ready to take things up a notch, quite literally. Lo, and behold their luxury treehouse accommodation.

    Live It Up

    The Tarzan-style accommodation is splendid and really gives you a high. They have five such houses, looming over the canopy at about 60 feet. It’s a bit of a trek from the main area but the fact that it totally cuts you off from civilisation, and those dreaded WiFi and cell phone zones, makes it worth the seclusion. Ah! The thrill of climbing up rope ladders to enter your living room which has a tree trunk running through is almost as exciting as waking up the sunrise, with no building blocking the way.

    Under The Canopy

    Just vegetating is a great option, but their swimming pool is tempting. Even more enticing is the waterfall and natural pool where you can just splash about. Then head over to the mud hut that houses the Ayurveda Spa to completely zone out and get rid of all those stress knots. Mornings are great for a yoga session or for a long trek with no map {leave breadcrumb trails} or go with the guided ones, courtesy the resort.

    So We’re Thinking…

    Whether you want to or not, you will stop, reset and rejuvenate here. It’s a great go-to spot to reconnect with nature but not give up on modern amenities, except mobile devices! And that makes us love it even more!

    Where: Lakkidi PO, Wayanad, Kerala

    Price: INR 13,500 upwards

    Contact: +91 4936 256800

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