Easily Reacreate Aisha's Studio Apartment From Wake Up Sid With This Guide

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2009's coming-of-age movie Wake Up Sid still holds so much relevance in 2022 -- be it about chasing your dreams, adulting, and starting fresh. This writer relates to Sid's clothing choices to his bedroom at home (graphic tees and pop culture posters for the win!) as much he does to Aisha's studio apartment since he lives in one. The studio apartment comes with space constraints but then Aisha makes the best use of whatever space she has to make it truly feel like home.

The movie was rewatched since the only decor element this writer could remember from the top of his head was the big yellow wall. That being said, if you are moving into a new home or want to give your home a major makeover similar to what Aisha did, then this is for you. Simply put, go watch Wake Up Sid, get inspired and then come back to this recommendation, and get fully on board with the idea of idea completely revamping your space or borrowing elements. Either way, we got you covered. 

Life Is Crazy... Good When You Have A Plan


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As one YouTube comment rightly puts it "Admit it. This video gave us room decor goals". In the song Life is Crazy, we see Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma) write down her entire plan on how to do up her new studio apartment and then proceed to execute it. And how. We highly recommend that you figure out what kind of home makeover you are going for. Whether it's doing up one corner of the house, an entire room, or well, the whole house, make sure to check out our tips and tricks to nailing apartment living. We've got guides on how to make your home look bigger as well as how to make your window look straight out of Pinterest

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Personalised Space For The Win


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Aisha had the luxury of living in Mumbai where markets like Crawford Market exist and she can pop by and pick up used furniture and other knick-knacks such as photo frames, lights, cabinets, and other decor pieces. We love how the apartment's decor isn't rustic or vintage but very much in intune with a very millennial mindset of creating a personalised space. 

For the chest of drawers that she has placed near the main door, we spotted a similar one on Wakefit. Add some decor pieces like this cane tissue box or even this handcrafted tissue box. We recommend this VarEsha desk lamp with its fabric lampshade if you want something minimal and chic. Even this Studio Indigene faceted desk lamp is another pick for that minimal look. Finish off your cabinet's look with this Hollyhock photo frame and this Zucca Pen Stand from Spin.

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Adding Colour & Accent To Your Space

The most noticeable element in Aisha's home is her yellow accent wall. In fact, in our guide to adding more colour to your home, we talk about adding a punch of colour to your space by painting an accent wall. Aisha decorates this space with a hanging cane basket chair -- we spotted a similar one here -- polaroid photos, cushions, papercraft birds, floor cushion, hanging ceramic petals, and a trunk that had her books. 

If the cane basket chair isn't your jam, you must check out this hanging canvas chair from Hangit. And to make it all comfy, check out these brands for cushion covers. You don't have to exactly what Aisha did, so with respect to the hanging elements, you can consider these hanging shelves for planters from The Artsy Barrel. Even this macrame planter from Amoliconcepts is a good pick. Ecraftindia has statement cutouts such as this Happiness Is Homemade, so be sure to check out the brand. 

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Cosy Bedroom, Happy Home

Kadam Haat

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The con of living in a studio apartment is that your living room is your bedroom and vice versa, but we love how Aisha was able to distinguish her bedroom from the rest of the house. Instead of investing in a bed, she went for the mattress on the floor look. And then surrounded the entire space to give that look of a whole different room by adding bookshelves in varying sizes, a single-seater sofa by the window, string lights (check out the collection here), a laundry basket (you must check out this basket from Kadam Haat), and small curios like lanterns and props. 

For bookshelves, we've rounded up 11 different ways you can display your books, and for a like-to-like of what Aisha has, we spotted this bookshelf online. This cute two-tier bookshelf from Door To Home that also doubles up as a ladder is perfect to have by your bed, especially if you're copying Aisha's look. Curtains make or break a room, and that's why we did this guide on how to pick the right curtains for your home. Check our brands like  Vermillion LifestyleHome - The Best Is For You, and The Shop for curtains. Oh and for little curios and showpieces, be sure to check out Suite No. 8, Glimpse Homes, and Tayhaa. 

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Functional Home At The End Of The Day


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Aisha keeps her home very functional without sacrificing her decor look. Be it the mirrors or the kitchen racks, or things like wall hooks, every element at the end of the day as a function to serve. You can check out brands such as Mohh that have a range of large and functional mirrors you can install in your space. Brands like Femora have a whole range of kitchen accessories such as spice racks food storage options. Brands such as Topp BrassColor Palette, and The Blooming Bagh has a whole range of quirky and fun wall hooks.