Want A Cup Of Indian Coffee With A Hint Of Italy? Seven Beans Will Give You That Caffeine Kick

What Makes It Awesome

I love my morning coffee. But I also love my​ midday, afternoon, evening and the odd night cuppa too! So in my quest to switch up my caffeine routine, I stumbled upon Seven Beans Coffee Company. An interesting collaboration between Indian coffee planters and Italian roasters {basically the best combination for coffee!}, the brand offers multiple brews ranging from strong and intense blends to delicate and mild options. I got myself the Mishta that has a lovely caramel flavour, and is delicate enough to not overwhelm. But strong enough to wake you up. And it works in a French press! I also like the Eka which is richer but that's reserved for my Sundays only.

What Could Be Better?

I can't wait for more from these guys. Hopefully they'll experiment with more brews shortly.

What's My Pro Tip?

They have a nifty set of coffee blends in the capsule form. It is compatible with Lavazza machines which is perfect for lazy lasses {and lads} like me.

Anything Else?

The coffees are available on Amazon and you can choose the whole bean version or opt for the ground powder, depending on what machine you have. Oh there is also a coffee called Urja which I haven't tried. I hear it's strong and full bodied.