Tigers, Infinity Pools And A Sky Full of Stars At Waterwoods Lodge Kabini



If you’re thinking of indulging yourself with a quick escape, make it to Waterwoods for the romantic atmosphere, riverside lounging, plenty of wildlife and eco-chic rooms.

Jungle Book

While I do love the rugged outdoors and the campsites, there’s something about eco-luxe that is rather appealing. So when someone says infinity pools, tigers, elephants and four-poster beds in the same breath, I’m in. And Waterwoods Lodge in Kabini ticks all those boxes.

Sandwiched between the Bandipur and Nagarhole Wildlife parks, this luxury resort is also smack on middle of the Kabini river, which means unparalleled views and even more likelihood of seeing wildlife. Doing justice to the photos on the website, the property is originally a colonial-style building that’s now expanded on both sides to include an al fresco common dining area.

Chic Escape

All the rooms are river-facing and have glass doors for you feel like you’re living in the wilderness — it’s one place we don’t like to draw the curtains even, for fear of missing out of nature. Warm interiors are marked by mahogany furniture and jungle coloured linen, though it’s the deck – with the river and the Brahmagiri hills beyond for company, which wins more love. Those with kids or anyone travelling in a wolf pack will do well to check into Magnolia or Lavender for direct access to the infinity pool.

R ‘n’ R is of utmost importance here, so do check in for at least two nights. You can really get enough of lounging in a hammock on the riverfront {they really do have direct river access}, a chilled beer in one hand and the other reaching out for chilli chicken. In fact, I love just sitting here with a book watching a live version of a time-lapse from noon to sunset, and then watch as the stars come out to woo you! Sigh…nature, you beauty. Coldplay was right when they sang Look At The Stars, Look How They Shine For You.  

Wild Side

But that isn’t to say you should skip out on action. Hop onto an ATV and zip around the tree plantations that lines the river banks. Spotting crocodiles, elephants and if luck is wearing stripes, then a tiger, is also not uncommon. Swimming or rather wallowing in the infinity pool is rejuvenating, as is a Balinese massage at the spa on-campus. Want to get really wild? Paddle out into the middle of the river in a canoe for some solitude. Pick the two-seater ones if you have a BFF or SO in tow.