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Earthen Fridges To Bamboo Toothbrushes: Six Ways To Live A Completely Plastic Free Life

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There has never been a more dire time for us to take ecological consciousness and sustainable living seriously. And that starts with saying no to plastic, and LBB, as always, is here to help you out. Give the non-biodegradable manmade material the boot with these nifty non-plastic alternatives. Here’s seven ways to live a plastic-free life.

Cane Baskets

One of our major uses for plastic seems to be for containers and storage units. Well, this is where good old cane steps in. Apart from being a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing than tacky plastic storage units, cane baskets are much better for the planet too. And with so many hidden gems in the city for cane goods, score them at great prices as well. Some of our favourite cane stores include Cane Centre, Reshma Cane, Cane Designers and Vishal Stores, where you can score cane baskets and storage at great deals.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Toss out your plastic toothbrushes and bring in these bamboo toothbrushes that are a whole lot better for the environment. Available at The Organic World, and possibly other organic stores in the city, these toothbrushes have a body made of bamboo, and although its bristles are made of nylon, it will still biodegrade a whole lot faster than its plastic counterpart.

Jute Totes

Swap your plastic carry bags for shopping and groceries for cute and functional totes. A cool alternative to the pesky plastic bags that keep accumulating in our homes, these come in a wide range of colours, sizes and patterns, and aren’t harmful to the environment. They’re super durable and aren’t too expensive, which makes them the perfect substitute. And we know just the places you can get them from. Eco Seal Green Bags has all kinds of jute bags, from wine bags to roomy totes, to sort you out and Jute Pragnya in Malleswaram has some quirky jute designs too. Otherwise, there’s always Jute Cottage that has all your jute-based needs covered.

Glass Bottles

Say bye-bye to those unreliable plastic bottles and use something sturdier and more sustainable instead. Like glass or metal bottles. Reusable and biodegradable, glass and metal make for a better and healthier alternative, as water in plastic bottles tends to spoil faster. And did we mention that they’re super cute looking too? Get them in all kinds of colours and shapes at Shapes and Shades.

Earthen Pots, Pans And Fridges


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As earthy as it gets, Mitticool is a brand that makes earthen tableware like plates, spoons, glasses, cups, cookers, tavas, kadhais, hot plates, water bottles, water filters with simple clay. But don’t expect drab looking pots and pans, as they have some lovely hand-painted designs too. What we couldn’t get over was their refrigerator made of clay! This 50-litre white storage unit can be used to store vegetables, fruits and also for cooling water for about two to three days retaining their original taste.