Checkout Weavers’ Lane In Bangalore

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What Makes It Awesome?

The roaring sound of power looms will welcome you to this otherwise hidden and non-descript lane off Sarjapura Road in Bangalore. Known for various housing complexes and corporate office campuses, this area would be the last to expect the presence of any kind of handloom or loom industries. But that’s what this lane has. Weaver families are living here in houses that have rooms dedicated to power looms that operate during the day and produce yards of poly silk and poly cotton Sarees. These are cheaper to produce and hence are priced at INR 500 onwards.

You’ll find that stores around this lane also keep pure handloom silk sarees from Kanchipuram. A lot of them have tie-ups with the handlooms in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu and hence the prices here are reasonable. For a good silk saree, the range starts at 3.5 to 4K and goes on to 10k or higher for bridal sarees. The rates here are much lesser than you wil find in retail stores across cities.

Please note that there’s a big difference between power loom and handloom silk. The looms were traditionally operated manually, by hand hence the quality of the weave is more natural and is more sustainable coz by buying handloom you are also indirectly supporting the art of weaving on looms.

We suggest you specifically ask for what you want and let them know the price range.

Tip: We did a general check on prices, quality and variety and found out the store called SNR silk and Sarees and you can find it on google maps easily.