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Anatomy Lessons And Dinosaurs On Doodle Inc's Funky Clothes


Doodle Inc brings creative art and fashion together in a range of wacky designs on apparel for him and her. Wearing doodles is officially in vogue.

Doodles You Can Wear

Skeletons doing yoga, germs that are actually cute, dinosaurs running around and astronauts dancing in the sky – if these things captured your fancy, then welcome to the party! Think colours, fun, strange, crazy, weird, even borderline brazen, Doodle Inc’s quirky clothes scream “happy”! Started two years ago by Meera Hari and Kirti Nair, who share their love for doodling and being mad hatters all the same, their crazy cool quotient reflects in their collections. Their latest, Nerd Quake, due next month, is all about going back to school. But hey, they at least make it fun by incorporating anatomy, chemistry, biology, computer science and even palaeontology {study of dinosaurs} into their sketching. Next thing you know, you’re wearing your not-so-favourite subjects.

Monkeying Around

Their first collection, Circus For Dummies featured doodles of origami animals, Aztec prints with elephants doing their circus thing, giraffes and tents, multi-coloured triangles inspired by circus bunting, and a specific print with a whole lot of intricate doodling which had anything and everything to do with the circus.

Doodle Inc is all about sunny Sundays, bright blue skies, fluffy candy floss and pink bubble gums. Initially Meera and Kirti wanted to personally doodle on each piece of clothing but it didn’t work out for obvious reasons, so their digital doodling now gets transferred to the fabric. It’s where art meets fashion. They have everything from dresses, shirts, pants, jumpsuits to skirts, crop tops, blazers and vests. They cater to men and women in sizes small to extra large, although it’s heartbreaking to see nothing in extra small for skinny girls and neither would any of their clothes fit a plus size.

Price: INR 800-INR 2,780

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