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UP & Jaipuri Artisans Are Weaving Homes In Stunning Ceramics Through This Label!

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Weaving Homes

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What Makes It Awesome

You know that feeling when you can pick up a unique piece of decor and speak about where it comes from and the people it supports? It's an unmatched rush, right? Online brand Weaving Homes can very well give you that pleasure tenfold! This sustainable, mindful and fair trade label celebrates India's love affair with everything handmade through the ceramics it sources from local artisans across Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Just from this you should know that each piece has a different character and a human touch that beats anything mass produced! This brand's collection deals in two sections -- stunning tableware and offbeat but high utility home decor pieces. Here's what we're feeling. The Matt Blue Dinner Set. These standout because duh, they're stark, all blue but they're also beautifully minimal and one dimensional. If you're unafraid of colour on your tables, you must definitely own them and if you're ever feeling creative you could also use them as wall plates too. We also love their contrastingly glazed Soup and Pasta Bowls, especially in the rust shade.

But what's most alluring are the ceramic showpieces that double as storage containers. But not any 'ol dump space! These are shaped like Anar (pomegranate), Pumpkins and Pears. The pears are fave for they stand tall with a speckled green and brown surface. These including the pomegranates are bestsellers. Weaving Homes interfers very little to not at all in the artisans creative process, so what you see on their line is the true heart, soul and skill of an Indian craftsman. 


Weaving Homes practices fair trade and makes sure the creator of every piece is given their well earned due. This in mind, they also fairly price between INR 550 to INR 3,500. Latest on Weaving Homes' collection are Chevron Coasters, Knitted Rugs, Throws and Planter Bags and hand carved gorgeous Wooden Photo Frames.

As a bonus, you also receive your orders anywhere in India in all paper, eco-friendly packaging.