The wedding season is almost upon us. And the first thing on your mind apart from finding the right guy or girl is of course to find the right venue for the wedding itself. Why let your wedding day be just another dinner party, when you could do it regally at a dreamy venue. From a floating stage and a palace hotel to a heritage bungalow and skylit gazebo, we suggest you ditch the formal star hotels and traditional weddings halls for your special day. Here’s our pick of venues that take romance to the next level, and can tame the wildest bridezilla with just one look.

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Sommer House

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Ganjam Mantapa

Jayamahal Palace

heritage site jayamahal palace wedding venue bangalore

Source: Pashotam Lal Tandon © CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

No need to troop across the country to Rajasthan for a fairytale wedding, when the Jayamahal Palace in right here. Spread over 19 acres of land, this heritage hotel has been around since 1903 and has three lawns to rent out; all with the palace structure for a backdrop. The pool-side lawn is ideal for a wedding brunch, while the other two {front and side} are large enough for receptions.


Ganjam Mantapa

A large bungalow which oozes warmth, this is a rather romantic place to get married. With water features welcoming you, a large reception area and then a side room for food, you’ll get the best of old world charm {it is after all the original home of the family of Ganjam Jewellers} with top-notch modern facilities. Decorate it as you like, but we suggest you keep it in line with the aesthetics of the mantapa, with marigolds.



evening wedding at starlight wedding venue by at elements in bangalore

Source: Elements

Offering three different spots in one space, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. The Garden of the Gods has their much sought-after Maharani Mandapa which is a floating mandapa, while the starlit room has fairy lights for a canopy. Or pick the Queen’s Wedding, an open banquet hall which uses the sky as a ceiling and the garden for décor. Elements houses anything between 400 to 2,000 guests, and you’re bound to make great memories here.


Temple Tree

christian wedding at wedding venue temple tree in bangalore

Temple Tree

Pick from The Courtyard, ideal for smaller gatherings, the November Room, for a more formal set up, and The Grass Hopper which is a massive expanse of gardens leaving you the choice of a mandap, a stage or just a floating reception. Far from the madding crowd, we love that all three sections have an outdoor space to add to the romance of the event.

The Tamarind Tree

evening wedding venue tamarind tree in bangalore

Source: Tina Nandi Photography

Escape to the past, where cobbled stone paths and frangipani blend seamlessly with courtyards and filigree at this garden venue. Elegant pavilions, gazebos and corridors surround the central amphitheatre should you want a more intimate gathering. But we love the fluidity of the place and the charm with which it just draws you in. A guest house, colonial and cosy, is great for a small party of 25; just right for the bride and her girls, we say!


south indian mantap shankaraa wedding venue in bangalore

Source: Shankaraa

Literally a cultural sanctum, as their tagline says, this green haven is dotted by contemporary statues, old trees and garden art. Essentially an art and cultural space, the amphitheatre, with a floating centrestage, doubles up as a mandap area and you don’t need to worry about the number of people, as there’s space for plenty here. Evening weddings seem more mystical than usual with temple trees, chirping birds and the warm glow of the sun {or shimmering white of the moon} making it an enchanting venue.

The Courtyard House

Photo Source: The Courtyard House

Photo Source: The Courtyard House

We fell in love with this place the instant it opened and raved about it here. Be it the dreamy lawns, the charming red-brick bungalow {with an elegant jhoola to add some old-school drama} or the courtyard which is perfect for an mehendi ceremony that rolls into a sangeet, you and your guests will really be cut off from reality for a while. Now also on Airbnb, your closest posse can even stay here for through the wedding for convenience. I’m off to find me a groom just to get married here!