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LBB Weekender Playlist: Here's who to tune in to at the NH7 Weekender

Neha posted on 17 November

The Happiest Music Festival is drawing near, and we couldn't be more excited about its lineup, which seems to keep getting better by the year. Besides the big draws such as AR Rahman and Mark Ronson, here are the artistes to watch at the Weekender.

L. Subramaniam

The virtuoso violinist isn't often seen live, which is why we're excited about catching him at the festival and seeing what new magic he'll unleash.

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Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus is a Los Angeles-based DJ, producer, and rapper, and can be found collaborating with musicians as diverse as Kendrick Lamar and Herbie Hancock. That means you can expect the unexpected, of course, but mellow, downbeat grooves and insane beats are all par for the course here.

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Rodrigo y Gabriela

They're an acoustic guitar duo, but if that description sounds mellow or predictable to you, prepare to be swept off your feet. Rodrigo y Gabriela's music marries modern flamenco and rock with dizzying success. It's safe to say this will be one powerful live act.

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The Ganesh Talkies

They bring the party to Indian indie via some truly catchy music and their lead singer's spectacular talent. The Ganesh Talkies' sound can be described as one giant mashup of alt-rock, blues, jazz, and the best of Bollywood.

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We were stunned to hear just recently that John Cummings would be departing the band, but that doesn't mean we're looking forward to Mogwai any less. The Scottish post-rock band have been producing their dreamy, soaring music since 1995, including eight albums, and we're itching to watch them live in our city.

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Mad Orange Fireworks

The local rockers have been producing their signature 'Orange Rock' - think shimmering guitars and evocative lyrics - for quite some time now. Most recently, they've released a new album. They're known to be a great live act, and shouldn't be missed.

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Thaikkudam Bridge

The lads from Kochi are known for their genre-defying, uniquely Indian music. They're named after the spot in Kochi, Kerala where they first got together. Look for an eclectic mix of Indian classical, folk, reggae, and rock influences.

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