Stay Cool The Natural Way With These Herb & Tea Coolers!

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What Makes It Awesome

What If we told you cooling off on a hot day or night didn't come at the cost of loading up on calories? Instantly sold, right? That's how we felt after we caught notice of What If Drinks. This Indian Beverage Company is known for its "smartly crafted" herb and green tea coolers that come as a blessing to parched throats and growing waistlines. Smart how? For one, all of four of their drinks are plant based formulas and use natural ingredients like green tea, herbs and inulin (extracted from chicory). They are naturally sweetened and restore vital minerals and vitamins B3, B5 and B6. Not to mention, green tea balances cholesterol levels and increases body metabolism. 

The fact that these drinks are clear and not artificially coloured, (as you would spot on a supermarket aisle) is one of the first reasons that drew us in. We also love the refreshing flavours combinations - Green Mango Green Tea Cooler, Peach Green Tea Cooler, Blueberry Apple & Lime Herb Cooler and Rose Apple Lim Herb Cooler. What If Drinks are best enjoyed chilled anytime of the day. The brand also claims that this "magic potion" is the most natural way to take a break, revive your creativity and destress.

A pack of four 330ml bottles retail at INR 400 and you can shop for them on What If's official website. They take a standard delivery time of seven days to service your order and ship pan India.