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Bombay Sandwich To Waffles: What To Eat Under INR 500 Near Mount Carmel

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Loafer’s Lane, officially known as 8th Main Road, is home to quite a lot of budget joints, mainly catering to the folks of Mount Carmel College. Armed with just INR 500 {reminiscent of our college days and adjusted to inflation}, we decided to hit the food street to see if we could score snacks under the INR 500 mark. Did we win, or did we go bust…read on.

Classic Bombay Sandwich At Bombay Sandwichwala

We started off with our food crawl from this tiny make-shift kiosk just diagonally opposite RR’s Blue Mount and we ordered ourselves a plate of Classic Bombay Sandwich that comes with slices of tomatoes, cucumber, and onions with a whole lot of cheese, and butter. A quick three-minute toasting is followed by the slathering of green chutney and butter before being topped off with some more grated cheese and sev. Yummy in the tummy!

Price: INR 40 {INR 460 left}

Mexican Chaat At RR's Blue Mount

A hotly-visited spot on the famed Loafer’s Lane, RR’s is known for their pocket-friendly 4 pm hunger busters and their Mexican Chaat. Baked beans {rajma basically} and nachos come together in a warm, tangy sauce before being topped off with onions and melting cheesy. The only thing Mexican would be probably the nachos, but hey, for a neat INR 60, it can easily keep your tummy from growling of hunger.

Price: INR 60 {INR 400 left}

Chocolate Spoon And Dark Chocolate Truffle At Desserted

Once you are done mopping up all of that tangy sauce, it’s time for some sweet. Make a beeline to the top off the street {towards Mount Carmel College}, where Desserted stands. Often a place for dates and after school hanging out, it’s the dark chocolate truffle we recommend. Order it with a chocolate spoon mainly for the novelty because it tastes just like your regular plain Jane Dairy Milk. The idea is you use the spoon to dig into the truffle cake and enjoy the sweet and bitter flavour, and then eat the spoon itself. Oh yes, you can!

Price: INR 170 {INR 230 left}

Load Up On Bajjis From Bajjiwala

Before heading to our next stop, we stopped by the street-side bajjiwala who serves all kinds of fried snacks like vada, onion pakoras, chilli bajji, aloo bondas, and raw banana fritters. Prices start at a mere INR 10 for a mix, so pack yourself a snack bag like we did for the back home.

Price: INR 40 {INR 190}

Pita Fries At Pita Pan

No food crawl is ever complete without fries. Enter Pita Pan’s selection of homemade fries topped with a wide range of sauces. Contrary to the name, we were a bit disappointed when we found out that the Pita in Pita Fries that we ordered was just a pita-flavour sauce. But thankfully, the fries were well-done and the sauce and the chilli-garlic garnish added a zing. They also have bun and chicken variants as well.

Price: INR 90 {INR 100 left}

Waffles At Doodle Cafe

We ended our food crawl on a sweet note and we suggest you do too, at the highly Insta-worthy Doodle Cafe. Order yourself a round of waffles topped off with whipped cream, nuts, and slices of strawberry-like we did. Or you can select your own toppings. In any case, you’ll leave Vasanth Nagar feeling full and happy like we did.

Price: INR 100