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You Need To Check Out This HSR Cafe Cum Restaurant For Its Signature Atta Chicken

Sreepathy posted on 03 May

Ten-Second Takeaway

Momos, Malabari Biryani, and Tandoori Chicken, all come through the kitchen of What’s In The Name. A cool cafe-like ambience, relaxed vibes, and a pocket-friendly menu make up the rest of this joint.

Chow Down

Chicken Pakoda, Malabari Chicken Biryani, Red Velvet

Sip On

Iced Tea

Winning For

The diverse menu that serves a little of everything from everywhere, the ‘doesn’t really burn a hole in your pocket’ bill at the end of your meal, and free WiFi.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The cafe-like ambience of this place is quite relaxing and perfect those random chill scenes with your squad. Low-key decor with a few elements such as the Mask of V mural on the wall, and a shelf with posters, planters, and curios, is what makes up this place.

What's On The Menu?

As mentioned above the menu is quite a spread. And their signature dish is the Atta Chicken. Oh, and if you are wondering what the Atta Chicken is, it’s a whole marinated chicken stuffed with herb rice, wrapped in atta, and cooked in a tandoor. Once cooked, the baked atta is removed and you can have the juicy chicken along with the soft rice.

We also tried their Chicken Pakoda. Perfect for those evening snacks with tea, crispy outside and juicy inside, we ended up ordering a second round. Next up was the biryani — a mildly spiced version of the dish that you usually get at your next-door Kerala mess, this one was a hit with us. We wrapped up our meal with a dessert in jar — the soft and sweet red velvet cake. We paired our meal with a refreshing glass of iced tea too.

Now, the menu is ever changing, so the desserts and most of the items from the starters to mains and everything change as well.

So, We Are Thinking...

If you are a big gang, go for the Atta Chicken, because easily four to six people can share this between them. if you are going solo or even with a friend, then stick to the starters and other smaller portioned dishes.

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403, Ground Floor, 22nd Cross Road, 24th Main, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bengaluru

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