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Gummies, Packed With Vitamins & Aloe Vera To Make Your Hair & Nails Strong

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If you’re a typical millennial or currently Gen Z, then you’re probably stressing about a hundred things, and falling hair, dry skin and brittle nails are right up there. They are for me! But to help you fix that, without popping plenty of unnecessary pills, try What’s Up Beauty gummies. 

Created for the busy person who does want to focus on their health and wellness, these gummies pack in vitamins, aloe vera, Sea Buckthorn, biotin and the very healthy Zinc. I am also waiting for the Grape Seed Extract to kick in to improve the collagen levels in know to make my skin firmer and make me look #Forever21! If you’re wondering what the Sea Buckthorn does, then know that i’s great to keep the skin protected from UV rays, and also makes the hair and nails stronger. Phew! No breakages hopefully! When they say vitamins, they really mean all - be it Vitamin A that is a great antioxidant or the numerous Bs (5,6,12) which cover most skin problems.

If you’re worried about your dietary restrictions, then know that these ones are vegan and gluten-free so you don’t have to stress about that. I’ve been having these for a few weeks now, and while I can’t really say that my hair has miraculously stopped thinning, I can definitely say that I know that I am looking after my body by giving it the supplement it does need, in one shot. I also love that they do not pretend to be an overnight miracle. They actually promise that it will take at least three months for your hair and nails to look healthier. Honestly, I can say my nails do seem less brittle! More on that when I update this post in a few months. 

Apart from tasting like strawberries, these ones don’t have any added preservatives. Nor are there any artificial colours in these lovely purple-ish gummies; it's all natural flavouring and colour. They come in easy cans of 30 each, so you know exactly how many you’ve had in the month because on Day 30, you should have none left. Told you they make it easy for the busy folks. 


You can get them in 30, 60 or 90 day packs. And they're soon going to retail on LBB! You're welcome!