Now that you’re all kitted out with baking equipment, it’s time to fill your pantry with baking ingredients. From the basics of butter-sugar-flour-eggs to fruit, nuts, and chocolate, our pick of stores should have you covered. Of course, many of the places in our previous list – notably Foodhall, Gourmet West, and Nilgiris – also stock baking ingredients, not just equipment. Here are our best picks for where to buy everything you need – from the basics to the add-ons.

Baking ingredients, butter, baking, cooking

The Brigade Road location of the Nilgiri’s supermarket chain is always a good pick, because they usually stock unsalted butter by the half-kilo. You’ll never run out. You can also find self-raising flour here, but you probably already know how to make your own, don’t you? Also look for baking-friendly fruit such as peaches, figs, and strawberries. 

Where: 171, Brigade Road

Contact: 080 25582283, 080 43478888

Baking ingredients, Fleur de sel, baking, cooking

Shiva Shakti Butter and Ghee Stores

Does what it says on the tin, and how. If you’re looking to experiment with fresh butter that hasn’t been sitting on a supermarket shelf for weeks, here is where you go. You’ll get a huge lump of impossibly white butter wrapped in plastic and newspaper and tied with a string, as if it were an idli; this butter is the perfect consistency for creaming with sugar for the start of a cake. Because it’s a bit higher in moisture, your cakes will be just that little bit softer. If Malleswaram isn’t within easy access, many of Bangalore’s older neighbourhoods have similar stores.

Where: 69, 8th Cross, Opposite Hotel Janatha, Malleswaram

Contact: 080 23342960

Godrej Nature’s Basket

Baking ingredients, sugar, baking, cooking

For Fairtrade sugar such as Tate + Lyle, vanilla-infused sugar, coconut sugar, demerara sugar, and icing sugar, try this supermarket. Be sure to visit with a well-fed wallet, of course. We’ve occasionally come upon some frozen blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries here, and for reasonably affordable prices. Do call ahead to enquire. Also look for fleur de sel to top your brownies or cookies with, almond flour, and whole vanilla beans, all the way from Madagascar. {A word of advice: refrigerate speciality flours carefully, since they’re often more replete with oils than regular all-purpose flour}.

Where: Click here for a list of stores in Bangalore.

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Check out their website here.

General Food Additives

Baking ingredients, flour, baking, cooking

For a no-frills option, we like General Food Additives. They often stock brown sugar at affordable rates, as also icing, caster, and demerara sugar. Chocolate chips are available in white, milk, and dark versions here. {Of course, if you’re looking for super-sized chocolate chunks, best to make your own chocolate chips by taking a knife to a bar of chocolate}

Where: 168, 1st Main Road, Seshadripuram

Contact: 080 23367878

Check out their website here.


Baking ingredients, eggs, baking, cooking

You can buy humanely-raised eggs – either from Keggs or Happy Hens – at Godrej Natures Basket stores and at Foodhall. You can also buy more upmarket brands of cocoa such as Hershey’s. 

Where: Level 4, 1MG Road Mall, Trinity Circle, MG Road.

Contact: 080 22086533

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Check out their website here.

MK Retail

Baking ingredients, chocolate, baking, cooking

While Morde and Selbourne are the most common kinds, you can find higher-quality imported chocolate at supermarkets such as MK Retail and Nilgiris. You can buy in-house brands of cocoa, as well as brands such as Weikfield and Cadbury’s here

Where: Click here for a list of stores in Bangalore.  

Check out their website here.

Foodworld Marketplace

Baking ingredients, milk, dairy products, baking, cooking

You’ll find imported and Indian heavy and whipping cream here. Head straight for the chilled section for your pick of whipping cream, heavy cream, cream cheese, and imported butter.

Where: 88, Shariff Phatia Towers, MG Road

Contact: 080 41474789

Brown Tree

Baking ingredients, nuts, almonds, baking, cooking

Yes, you wouldn’t ordinarily associate a self-professed health-food store with the buttery decadence that’s usually a part of all baking. But this store is a good pick if you’re looking for rare-to-find and high-quality nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, such as hazelnuts, pecans, and pumpkin seeds.

Where: 1/74, 26th Main, Jayanagar Extension, 9th Block Jayanagar

Contact: 080 26640159

Check out their website here.