Burgers, Pastas Or Crepes: Where To Eat Under INR 150 In Koramangala

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When it comes to eating under a budget, there’s no place like Koramangala. It’s home to a whole lot of cafes, small joints, and hole-in-the-wall eateries that ensure you have a good meal without breaking the bank. We are looking at all you students from Christ University and Jyoti Nivas College who have to master the art of eating on a tight budget. Without further ado, here’s where you can eat under INR 150 in Koramangala.


Located on Koramangala 1st Block near Wipro Park, the small joint has a few seating options and a limited but hearty menu. You can pick coffee for INR 40, a Penne Arabiatta or Spaghetti Aglio Olio for INR 100 or a Spicy Chicken pocket pizza for INR 90. A Veg Panini will cost you INR 130 while a Chicken one is INR 150. All in all a happy meal that’s well under the budget. There’s lemonade for INR 30 if you are need something cold to go with your bite.


Another Koramangala 1st Block spot that we chanced upon, Tuckinto’s menu is all about burgers, wings, fries, sandwiches, and rice bowls. Basically, anything that serves for a quick bite. Our favourites include Peri Peri Chicken Wings for INR 120 (six pieces), BBQ Chicken Burger for INR 130, and Chicken Tossed Masala Fries for INR 130. Rice Bowls come for INR 120 while sandwiches max out at INR 150. They also have pocket pizzas for INR 99, but you can give that a skip.

Tella Tales

City’s apparent first Nutella-themed cafe serves a lot of Nutella-based desserts such as Tella Pancakes for INR 149 and Marshmallow Bites for INR 99. You can get your Nutella cravings sorted with Tella Lasagna or Tell Banana Sandwich for INR 149. Wraps start at INR 120 and so does a plate of fries. There’s more than just Nutella too!

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Tall Blonde French

The fries and shakes place boasts about 32 kinds of fries and 15 kinds of shakes that are all well under the INR 150 mark. Our favourites are Bae Fries for INR 100 and Butter Chicken Fries for INR 135. For the more adventurous ones, there’s Lamb Kheema Fries for INR 145. If you are only looking to quench your thirst and your sweet cravings, we suggest the Choco-Hazelnut Shake and Bubble Gum Shake, both for INR 135 each.

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Lot Like Crepes

If crepes are your kind of hunger busters, the hole-in-the-wall eatery dishes out quite a lot of crepes. You can pick sweet crepes such as Toffee/Chocolate crepes for INR 80 or Peanut Butter-Chocolate crepes for INR 100. Savoury crepes such as Mushroom and Smoked Chicken Sausage crepes come for INR 150 and INR 140 respectively. Dig in we say!

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