Stop Saying Kannada Gottila: Learn The Language In Under 25 Days With These Apps And Sites

Aakanksha posted on 22 October

If you’re in Bangalore (or Karnataka) and don’t know how to speak Kannada but are keen to learn, we’ve got your back. Forget those long, boring lessons that need you to go to a class. These websites and apps will sort you out in the comfort of you sofa, bed or even when you’re braving the great Bangalore traffic. From phonetic videos to casual conversation, no more is Kannada Gottila an excuse. 

Kannada Baruthe

With the aim of teaching non-Kannada speakers the basics of the language, this website keeps things simple. You just open the site and there’s a whole list of words (eg. eat, drink, I, me, you) that has the translation right beside it to get you started. They even have audio translations to make you sound right! Divided into various categories including greetings, directions, relationships, numbers, fruits, vegetables and talking to people who make life easier (like your grocery vendors, maids, auto drivers etc), it’s great to get a grip of Kannada. Also available as an Android app, Kannada Baruthe even offers online tutors.

Kannada Gottila

This group picked up on the typical excuse outsiders use when people speak to them in Kannada: Kannada Gottilla (which means "I don’t know Kannada" for those of you who STILL use that!). Using WhatsApp to teach you the language, with voice notes too, this one has lessons everyday. By the end of 25 days, you’ll know the basics of grammar and ideally, be able to hold a functional conversation with a native speaker.

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Kannada Kali

Kannada Kali (Learn Kannada) will ease you into the language with simple, functional words to begin with. Catered to those who may not even be used to the language, learn how the words sound and really enunciate like a local. And the best part? The first course is only 10 days. Try the flexi course after you learn the basics to keep progressing. 

Read more here.

Chumma Talks

A fun way to pick up Kannada, this Instagram feed shows you words, action, products and obviously audio of words. In fact, team LBB has been using this to learn the language, and what we appreciate most is that they write the words phonetically.