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    #SquadGoals: This Kodaikanal Cottage In A Pear Orchard Will Cost Only INR 1,500 Per Person

    Sreepathy posted on 11 January

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Imagine rustic cottages in the middle of a pear orchard and with Kodai’s picturesque hills serving as the view. Well, turning your imagination into reality is the cottages at Whispering Waters Homestay.

    Three Times The Fun

    Located amidst a 4-acre pear orchard, the three cottages of Whispering Waters are for you and your gang to book. Couples and family also welcome, each of the cottages come with double beds with extra space for two additional beds. In total, if you ask us, the three cottages can accommodate a maximum of 12 members. Now, we are not sure if your squad size is that big, but hey, it’s time to be friends with friends of friends and probably invite them over too because when you book the entirety of the cottage, you get it for INR 1500 per person. Cool, right?

    The rooms are rustic in every sense, from the stone walls to the oxidised red floors. Since Kodai can get chilly during the night, feel free to use the fireplace that’s provided in the cottages. Attached bathrooms come with 24-hour hot water and the sun decks are perfect for lazing around. Oh, and if there are couples in your group, tell them that the cottages are tucked away in corners and offer plenty of privacy, should they wish for some alone time.

    Exploring The Farm

    With the Kodai Lake being just a 10-minute walk from the property, there’s plenty for you {and your friends} to do. Start your day with homemade meals from the restaurant that’s inside the property. Once you are well-fed, you could lounge indoors and play board games or read a book from the library. Should you wish to explore the country-side {you must}, a picnic-basket can be arranged on prior notice. Oh, and since you are inside a pear orchard, we suggest a bit of pear-picking as well. Do check with the hosts though. We hear the views are great too since the property is located smack on a mountainside. Carry your DSLR we say, for Instagram might not work due to network issues. Bonfires can be arranged in the evenings, so pack some marshmallows.

    Booking The Property

    While you can book individual cottages, we suggest booking all the three cottages because the price reduces. At the time of publishing this recommendation, the quoted price on Airbnb was at INR 17,999 for 12 people, which roughly works out to INR 1,500 per person per night. You can book here.


    Guys, network issues are big here and there’s little or no connectivity. You’ll have to go to the town if you need any kind of cell reception.

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