Bamboo Rice, Millet Mixes And Spices: Get Your Fix Of Organic Food At This Online Store


Health nuts, you will love the products from Whistling Fields! From ready-to-cook millet mixes to exotic rice, spices and natural sweeteners, they have everything you need. 

What Makes It Awesome

If you’ve been meaning to make the shift to the organic life, but are short on time or motivation (we hear you!), try these ready-to-cook millet mixes. With delicious combinations like Ragi Flakes, Multi Millet Pongal Mix and Red Rice Poha, your breakfast scenes are sorted for the week. Apart from millets, they have a variety of other superfoods that will leave you feeling refreshed inside out! Try the elephant apple powder that you can use to make health shakes or green coffee beans, that are known to increase metabolism and promote weight loss.

Expect to find more artisanal, and forgotten foods from different parts of India. For instance, they have rice options like black rice from Meghalaya - once known as the ‘Forbidden Rice’ meant only to be eaten by Chinese royalty, and the rare and flavourful bamboo rice from Kerala, which is harvested from naturally grown bamboo trees when they bloom one last time before dying (this happens once in 50 years!). If you’re simply looking to stock up on your kitchen spices, you can find that here too. From common ones like bayleaf and cardamom to more exotic spices like Naga Chilli Dry (known to be one of the hottest chillies in the world!), dispel the myth that healthy food is boring. 


If buying online is not your scene, then you can find them at Happi Organic in Indiranagar.