Live Amidst Fireflies, Singing Birds & A Beautiful River At This Homestay In Karnataka

    Gateway To Nature

    Wildflower Homestay is nestled in the lap of nature. It’s very close to the river Kali and a little away from the main town. There is lot’s to do here (the river is a great spot for water activities) and you can completely immerse yourself in a meditative mode and switch off for a few days. Like all homestays, this one also provides meals and services like laundry and activities. They even have natural wake-up calls through birds that sing throughout the morning! In the evening if you get bored, you can chase fireflies around the property (Dandeli is famous for fireflies) or just cuddle up with bae around the bonfire and whisper sweet nothings.

    You can reach Dandeli by bus from Bangalore (roughly six hours away), Goa, Mumbai or Pune or you can take a train and reach Hubli and cab it from there. Definitely carry a pair of good shoes that you can brave the terrain with. Since Dandeli is known for white water rafting, Wildflower organises a one-of-a-kind rafting experience for you. It’s carried out by skilled and professional rafters. Since Kali has some strong rapids, the experience is quite thrilling! Apart from rafting they also organise Kayaking (only if you’ve tried it before). Ready to check these off the ol’ bucket list?


    If you’re not a water baby and love the greens, they organise jungle safaris, treks, mountain biking and bird-watching.

    So We're Saying...

    If you’re in the process of planning your next staycation and you don’t want it to be too wild, pack your bags and shed some baggage and head to this firefly island!