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Hear It On The Grapevine: The Best Curated Wine List Through This Subscription

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What Makes It Awesome

Does the world of wines confuse you? Do you want to know more about a beverage that has been consumed for centuries now? Well, Wine In A Million should have you sorted! If you’ve ever stood in front of the wine section with no clue about what you think you’d like, or can’t seem to make a good contribution when you’re in the company of amateur sommeliers, worry no more. 

What is it? Well, they’re actually an online (as of 2020) community that not only helps you understand all things wine, but also tells you the best you can get around you. Based in Bangalore (for now), what they do is get to know how much you know about wine, what your taste and preferences (budget, literal taste, and interest) are, and send you suggestions. What do those suggestions entail? A bi-monthly newsletter with a list of great wines based on your answers, pairing options, and where in Bangalore you would get these wines. What’s even cooler is that Wine In A Million has partnered with select Wine sellers in Bangalore, and you could even get yourself a sweet discount for them!

Wine In A Million’s suggestions and recommendations come as a subscription. This subscription also includes access to tasting sessions, discussions with the community, workshops, and events. Prices for the subscription range between INR 1,000 per month to INR 2,500 per month.


You can give periodic feedback after every session or newsletter, and they’ll curate new wine options for you based on that. Keep an eye on their Social Media handles because you can also gift subscriptions to your friends and loved ones.