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Stomp Through Vineyards, Enjoy Wine Tasting, And Relax At These Winery Tours

    A few years ago, when home-grown wine brands started business, they found that the region around Bangalore was ideal for vineyards and winemaking. This could only mean good news for us, Bangaloreans. And surely, many of these vineyards have opened their gates for wine tours that offer guided vineyard sojourns, tastings and a peek into the whole process. LBB located the plantations where you can wine and unwind.

    Grover Vineyards

    Nearly 410 acres of vineyards await you at the Grover Zampa plantation, at the foothills of Nandi Hills that you can make a fun road trip out of. You’ll never lose sight of the picturesque setting as you are guided through the process of winemaking (from crushing to bottling), take a peek into the barrel rooms and sip on wines that Grover produces. Once done, you can settle down for a buffet spread at the property. We recommend that you sneak in a bit of bird-watching as well. Carry a pair of binoculars and you might just catch a glimpse of the Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Thrushes, Eagles, Bulbuls and Puff-Throated Babblers that the region is famous for.

    Price: INR 650 plus GST upwards

    Sula Wine Tours

    Head to Sula Vineyard and sip on some fine wine with your beloved. Located 15 minutes away from Ramnagaram, the Sula vineyard is a great place for a quick getaway and a fun road trip from the city. With a tasting session of four different kinds of wines along with the steps of learning how to taste the wine, you can swirl, sip and sniff. There's also an interesting session on the history of their wines and you can understand the process of fermentation to labelling of the bottles. You can choose to eat at their in-house restaurant in case you get hungry. 

    Price: INR 400 upwards

    Big Banyan Wine Tours

    Big Banyan, the wine brand from Namma Bengaluru has now opened their vineyard on the outskirts of the city. Surrounded by lush green, it is located five km away from the delightfully popular tourist spot that the brand shares its name with - Dodda Aalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree). Now that the vineyard is open to the public, the company has built a modern Tasting Room where you can try four to six wines and cheese from 10 Cuts Of Cheese. Feel free to swirl, smell and taste the wine while you get your spirits high. After this, you can take a walk around the winery and vineyard as you hear the story of wine to bottle. Wine, cheese and bae, perfect! 

    Price: INR 500

    Kadu Vineyards

    Heritage Winery which is now renamed as Kadu Winery and is located in Marlur. So drive down to the vineyard and you go on a tour here. The tour includes a theoretical explanation of how Kadu Wine is made. They'll take you through the barrel room, bottling unit, and the fermentation unit. You can taste around six types of wines here. If you feel hungry, head to their restaurant and order anything you want from their A-la-carte menu. The tour is open to the public on all seven days and if you are looking for a personalised tour for your beloved, all you gotta do is called them in advance and book it.