Ten-Second Takeaway

Browse through a varied and unique collection of animal-themed or otherwise, quirky home decor offerings and furnishings at Koramangala’s Woavin Studio. 

Animal Instincts

Even if you are casually walking by, you’ll find it hard not to give Woavin Studio a second glance. At the display window, you’ll find members of the animal kingdom {fashioned from metal or wood} in various poses and garbs. Inside, much of the store’s collection revolves around this theme. And you’ll certainly give the moose, standing in a red salwar kameez, a second glance! Or a band of frogs wearing colourful tees and playing an instrument each. Or a couple of long-eared rabbits puckering up on a park bench. It’s whimsical and can definitely add a sense of colour and quirk to your living space. If you like the animals but not the riot of colours, then, you can turn your attention to owls, fish, and horses crafted in metal {many of these are considered to be harbingers of good luck, we hear}.

Pretty Little Things

Photo Source: Woavin Studio

Photo Source: Woavin Studio

If you do not intend to turn your home into a zoo, then, there’s still plenty of options at Woavin Studio. You can browse through a collection of deities in brass. Smiling Ganeshas and serene Buddhas are always favourites. Their collection of bone-inlay items is also worth splurging on. You’ll find vases, handcrafted boxes, and decorative pieces as part of this collection. Their stain-glass lamps can brighten up any home and make for great gifts. So do their vintage clocks that have been crafted by local artisans. Apart from this, you can also check out their small collection of jewellery {lac and silver}, dream catchers, stoles, and duvets.

Woavin Studio also has a range of furniture that you can buy. Compact dining table sets, study tables, patio furniture, and colourful bar stools can all be sourced. And you can also rope in their expertise when you are designing your space.

Feature Photo: Woavin Studio