Sauces To Dips: Order Homemade Pantry Staples Courtesy This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

For someone whose pantry is always stocked with all kinds of sauces, condiments, infused oils, and dips, finding Wood Street Sauce Co. was fun. A homemade brand by Chef Karan Upamanyu, you'll find yourself stocking up on flavourful pantry staples (as the brand calls it and so shall we from now on) in the form of chilli sauces, wok sauces, and dips. Our love affair with all things chilli led us to place an order for the Fermented Fresno Chilli Sauce and the Guizhou-style Chilli Crisp via a Google Form attached to their Instagram bio. Top points for listing out the ingredients and the allergens. If it weren't for the shrimps, we'd be ordering the Honk Kong-style XOXO Sauce.  

The Chilli Sauce is delightful -- packs just the right amount of heat with fruity undertones. We've used it so far as toppings for almost everything -- chips to salads. The punch from all that fermentation gets our thumbs up. About the Chilli Crisp, it's safe to say that this will be our go-to condiment for everything Asian -- add a generous helping of this on some cooked noodles and you'll love the crunchy texture and the winning mix of chillis, black beans, peanuts, and tofu. Chef also sent over some Salmorgilio and Salsa Brava for us to sample, and the Salsa Brava reminded of us the time we have Batata Bravas in Barcelona. Salmoriglio is their Sicily-inspired all-round condiment we had no problem drizzling over some pasta. 

To make Christmas a jolly good affair, at least tummy-wise, Wood Street Sauce Co has put together a Holiday Meal Kit for two. You can choose between a Chicken Dinner or Steak Dinner that come with the protein of choice, Wood Street Sauce Co's House Steak Sauce and Scallions Cilantro Salsa Verde, new baby potatoes, oyster mushrooms, Japanese milk buns and cultured butter and dessert too! These kits come with recipe cards and will reach you on Christmas noon. Priced at INR 1,800 plus delivery, aren't these kits just calling out to you? 

Note: Orders for the Holiday Meal Kit are live till 6 pm, 24 December.


Chef Karan will reach out to you with the payment details, and post-payment, orders will be on your way. You'll have to pay for the delivery on actuals.