Ten-Second Takeaway

A beautiful homestay in Jakkanahalli, a 10-minute drive away from Chikmagalur town, Woodway is smack in the middle of greenery. Hello, tranquility, mountains, Caesar and Brutus.

Drive By

Just a six-hour drive from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is fast becoming a favourite getaway for Bangaloreans. And hidden a bit on the outskirts of the main town, Woodway may be off the usual tourist path, but it’s usually full so email Shreedev {the owner} to confirm a reservation. Oh! And ask for directions.

In The Woods

Photo: Sushmitha Shreedev

Photo: Susmitha Shreedev

The Woodway homestay is a huge campus with greenery everywhere  —  rooms are a very small part of the place! Thus far, my favourite homestay experience. It looks like no one has been there before  —  it’s absolutely beautiful. There are tall trees, bright flowers and lush green grass everywhere, only means plenty of space to play around with the adorable and friendly dogs — Brutus and Caesar. My favorite thing was the coffee served here  —  it’s freshly plucked, roasted and brewed from their own plantations.

Simple Is Best

What makes this place special is that it’s been done up with a lot of love. There isn’t too much sophistication, and everything from the food {it’s included, three times a day} to the rooms, and the ambience, is old-school and simple, with a touch of rich heritage. While it’s good for couples and for a group of friends, it’s ideal for families  —  there are five rooms close to each other and plenty of space for kids to run around.

Life At The Top

Photo: Movin Jain

Photo: Movin Jain

Adventurers, there is plenty of stuff for you to do too, especially the Mullyanagiri trek. The view from from the Kavikalmatta hill top is magnificent — but it’s a trade secret, so keep it that way! Apart from trekking, drive through Bhadra Forest and hope to spot tigers! Hire a jeep to Kavikalmatta hill top and a place called Shooting-gudda  —  where a lot of movies are shot. Also go to the Estate Cafe, again owned by Shreedev, which serves nice coffee and overlooks a huge, beautiful valley. This holiday will not be a busy one, and that’s exactly what’s good about it.

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Featured Photo: Movin Jain