Escape To This Hidden Beach Resort In Kerala For Plunge Pools, Hammocks And Seafood


    Right on Mararikulam Beach, Xandari Pearl is a real hidden gem with fresh seafood, open showers, and the whole Arabian Sea for a backyard. So much win this place is.

    By The Beach

    With the sea on one side, and vast coconut, mango and cashew tree plantations on the other, Xandari Pearl is a slice of hidden heaven, on the Mararikulam Beach. Set on about 18 acres of land, your only neighbours are the fishing community, trees and the water. So no matter which of the 20 swanky villas you pick, you can rest assured that privacy will be not be a problem.

    Villa Paradiso

    Dotting the property, the rooms are meant to make you relax and unwind in a natural setting. And they do exactly that. Uncluttered and open, each villa is ideal for two and while the bedrooms are simply done up, in stone, white and wood to blend in with the surroundings. My favourite aspect of them though are the large private garden you have all to yourself. Half sandy {it is the seaside!}, half green, I could spend my life swinging on the hammock or dozing off on the chaise lounge in the patio. Oh, and did I mention that the bathrooms are open plan to shower away under the stars like no one is watching. Want to splurge? Get the villa with an attached plunge pool — ah, bliss!

    Out Of The Woods

    Tempted though I was by the sea, the warning sign deterred me from being silly. But the hotel has plenty up their sleeves for restless folks like me. You can pick from a romantic cycle ride {in my case a huffing and puffing one} during the sunset along the beach. Or bring out the gang, the hotel staff and have a kick about on the beach instead. They’ll also organise a game of volleyball if you’re keen. My favourite activity though? Divining straight into the gorgeous swimming pool. Surrounded by mango and coconut trees, the pristine pool is like an oasis in the balmy weather. Stick around till after the sun sets, and the resort lights will come on, making it even more magical.

    Fresh Catch

    Food follows the farm-to-table concept {even their Costa Rica property does that}, expect fresh fruit, veggies and herbs grown in the gardens. That said, here’s a tip: seafood, seafood, seafood! Load up on prawns, squid, seer, Mackerel, and other fish I didn’t have the good fortune of meeting and subsequently eating. They are ace at doing the local versions, but if you’re not into Kerala cuisine, just grilled or fried options with veggies, mash and sauces are also on offer.


    They also have a spa, and yoga sessions for an all-out rejuvenation session.