We Found A Curl Comb That Detangles Your Tresses With Ease And It's Awesome

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    Ladies, as a guy with curly hair, this writer gets you when you say that there are no proper combs in the market that help you tame those tresses. And detangle those unruly knots like a boss. Having used it for almost two weeks straight now, we can properly say that XO Curls' Shower Detangling Comb is the curl comb you've been waiting for. Its uniqueness lies in the alternating wavy teeth design that helps in gliding down your curly/wavy hair and detangle it minus all the frizz and fuzz. 

    It's ergonomically designed too with the textured non-slip grip ensuring the comb doesn't go flying off your hand when you encounter a tangle that probably has been there for a century at least (if you know, you know). Also, props for the hook design that lets you hang the comb in the shower. Oh, and did we tell you that it's CG method friendly too? 

    Born out of necessity, the comb is the first of many hair care products that Tanya Eldred Bhat's XO Curls will be launching soon. Tanya wanted to make a comb to take care of her wavy-curly hair because almost every other comb in the market were sadly inefficient. Her passion for the environment and trying to reduce waste as much as possible is one of the main reasons why the comb is made from recycled plastic. Even the cute carboard packaging is biodegradable. What's more, five per cent of the profits from selling these combs go to World Of Woman, an NGO working towards menstrual hygiene in rural communities. Curls for the win, right people?  

      Available Online