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XOXO For This Awesome Brewery In An Old Mill

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What Makes It Awesome?

I had heard great things about the place, especially about the Apple Cider and the desserts, and the fact that they keep updating the menu based on feedback from customers. So, when I got the chance, I went on a Monday evening and the place definitely exceeded even my high expectations from microbreweries.

We were 10 of us. So ordered samplers of all beers.

1. Apple Cider: Inspired by the French idea making process. Notes relatively fruity, sweet and pretentious with a crisp aftertaste. The best of the lot according to me. I even ordered a large glass after we were done with food.

2. Belgian wit: A Belgium style ale wheat beer with noticeable characteristics of bread, floral coriander and zesty orange. No one can go wrong with Belgian ale and neither does XOOX Brewmill. It's a safe bet along with the next beer on the list if you are not a beer connoisseur.

3. Hefeweizen: Originating from Southern Germany, a refreshing wheat beer with moderate fruity esters, spicy phenols and a creamy fullness. Hefeweizen is my go-to beer at most breweries. And XOOX does justice to this classic.

4. Smoked Amber Ale: Inspired from the old German smoked “Each” beer, this brew has a unique smokiness of beechwood which resembles bacon. This was the surprise package. I'd have this with my English breakfast instead of bacon strips such as the smokiness and flavour.

5. Red Velvet Ale: A fusion between Irish red Ale & Redvelvet, sweet bourbon vanilla aroma and earthy characteristic from beetroot & English hops. A XOOX speciality, it was a refreshing Christmassy beer, perfect for a festive mood.

6. Scotch Brown Ale: A classic version of the brown ale with dark malts, hints of caramel and alcohol warmness. The beer with 8% alcohol, it's not for the light drinkers. If you like whiskey or scotch, you'd love this beer.

We also had shots:

1. Mini Michelada: a Mexican speciality, it's made of a spicy bloody Mary mixed with Hefeweizen. The bartender told us we could mix this with Corona at home. Pour it in a large shot glass and rim the glass with salt and add a lemon slice.

2. Flaming Bramble: Every meal has to end with flaming shots and this was a great one with tonnes of blueberry.

Coming to food, here's what we tried:

1. Georgian Garlic Bread: It's a great appetizer to go with the craft beers. It came with a chilli garlic dressing which added a lot of flavour to the three cheese crusty flatbread.

2. Wok Tossed Chilli Babycorn: the baby corn is crunchy and tossed in chilli plum sauce. But what makes this dish special is the kaffir lime flavoured green peas mousse at the base. Hat tip to Chef Sahil for this. This one goes best with the Apple Cider as the spicy tones of the chilli plum sauce go well with the sweet taste of the cider.

3. Masala papdi nachos: Mexican nachos with a twist. As it comes topped with Dal Makhani puree along with salsa and cheese sauce.

4. Mexican Kachori: the chef does wonders with this Indian favourite. Instead of regular masala, he adds kidney beans, jalapenos, pairs it with garlic chutney and garnished with cilantro air. The garlic chutney is the best dip at XOOX and goes well with anything.

5. Thai fish cakes: a crowd favourite, these crispy red snapper cakes go best with the Hefeweizen.

6. Chatpata Chicken Potli: one of my favourite appetizers, this one is Chef's take on Indian samosa. It's a samosa patty potli stuffed with masala chicken tikka and makhani cream. These go really well with the Belgian wit as well as Hefeweizen.

7. Malaysian Prawn Satay with Sweet & Sour Sauce: my favourite appetizer for sure. I have never had such good satay since my holiday in Singapore. I would rate it even higher than the ones I had in Singapore at a night market. Goes well with the scotch brown ale as the sweet tones of the satay complement the warmness of the ale.

9. Goan Richeado Fish Tikka: it's a Mahi Mahi marinated with spicy and tangy Goan spices cooked inside a clay oven. If you like Goan fish, you would love this. The flavours and aroma just open up your nostrils and make you want more.

10. Traditional Nasi Goreng: I was really looking forward to trying this as I love nasi goreng but I would have liked more peanut flavour and maybe even a few roasted peanuts are thrown in. Though I loved the prawn crackers and the well done fried egg, this could be better.

11. Thai Red Prawn curry: The best Main course of the night. It's a must-have if you go to XOOX. Right from the presentation to the taste, it's a 5-star dish.

12. Kulcha platters - veg and non-veg: good family platter for 3-4 people each. I loved the Malai chicken tikka and the tangy chicken kulcha. Among the veg ones, you should try the Paneer Khurchan kulcha.

Coming to desserts, since we were way too full by now, we ordered three of the best ones.

1. Buttermilk Pannacotta: Rosemary infused buttermilk pannacotta, it is topped with a Raspberry and Rose Decoction. A must try for sure, especially when you eat the pancetta along with the Raspberry jelly.

2. Red Velvet Parfait: the best dessert at XOOX be it presentation or taste. The Chef has outdone all red velvet desserts I have had before this, including the red velvet cheesecake at Glen's Bakehouse which is my all-time favourite. You have to try this deliciousness.

3. Tres Leches Cake: who can go wrong with Tres Leches? No one. Soaking it in condensed milk is a masterstroke though.

All in all XOOX Brewmill is a great place for all meals and some of the finest craft beers in Bangalore. Thank you, Neel and Chef Sahil for a great evening.

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