Visit The Yana Rocks To See Some Amazing Natural Rock Formations

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    It's hard to believe that a place like Yana exists in India. Such views can usually be seen only in Hollywood movie with special effects. Yana is a village located in forests of the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, which is known for the unusual rock formations {Karst} which are present in the dense forest. We visited in the month of March and still found the jungle to be quite fresh and green, almost as if it was the rainy season. The road from Gokarna to Yana is quite good, and Google Maps can help you out here. Once you park your car, it's a five to ten minute trek. You must visit the temple below Yana caves, and then take a pradakshina inside the caves. Near the car park, you will find shops as well as clean toilets, and even a Yana temple.