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We Got Our Hands On A Pair Of Yeezy Boost 350s And It's Not From Where You Think It Is

    Thippasandra, Bangalore


    Want to know how we got our hands on a pair of Yeezys even after they have been sold out? Well, read on, sneaker freaks and you could get your hands on a pair too.


    Gather around Yespicles {that’s what we are calling you Kanye West fans} for we probably have found the best scoop of this year. Getting your hands on a pair of Yeezys may seem like an impossible feat by now — either because they are sold out or too damn expensive. Well, lay all that to rest now, for we have found in our sneaker heaven, the elusive Yeezy Boost 350s. Priced at INR 3,500 per pair, we found these babies with their familiar higher-cut and patterned Primeknit uppers with a contrasting stripes that read “SPLY – 350″ lying in the dust and underneath the multiple pairs of Nikes, Converses, Vans, and Pumas.

    Our first reaction after readjusting our dislocated jaw? We cleaned the dust off them, took ‘professional level photos’ and updated our entire social circle about our #ifoundawesome. After the dust settled, both literally and figuratively, we nosed around and found five other pairs as well. The guys who run Branded Footwear in Thippasandra told us that there are about 20-odd pairs lying around the store. While we wanted to find them other pairs, owing to our dust allergy, we gave up. Oh, and in our quest, we did find three coloured variations of them Yeezys — grey, black, and red. Now, we don’t know what else to say, but ‘Oh, YEEZY!” Let’s us know when you are heading there, we’ll probably pick a pair for ourselves too.

    We do not vouch for the authenticity of these pairs nor can we guarantee that you will find your size or colour of your choice when you go there. Vaseem Beig who runs the store claims that these are original but defective pairs. You can reach out to him on +91 9620955474 for more clarification.

      Thippasandra, Bangalore