Yoga Mat-ters: A Community That Practices The Art Outdoors

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Taking the practice of yoga out into open spaces, the community, Yoga Mat-ters has regular meetings and events to bring together practitioners in the city.

Open Up

Always loved the idea of practising the Surya Namaskar or your favourite asana in wide, open spaces? Well, so did city-based yoga enthusiasts, Avantika Arya and Varun Arya. Teaming up with their trainer, Radhika Chaliha {from Kiki’s Life}, the trio started Yoga Mat-ters, hoping to bring together the yoga community in the city and take the activity beyond walled structures and studios. Hosting regular monthly get-togethers {usually in Cubbon Park} free of charge, the group has different teachers heading the meetings. So not only do you take things outdoors, but you can look forward to trying your hand at different styles of yoga.

Check out Yoga Mat-ters on Facebook here.


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